Danger Zone Perks Guide [CS:GO]

Danger Zone Perks Guide [CSGO] For Players
  • Like a couple of other games, the Battle Royal mode in CS:GO also has “start items” that you can choose also known as perks. This Danger Zone perks guide can help you to choose a starting perk that suits you the most.

Valve’s effort to keep Danger Zone alive

Although it received much criticism, Danger Zone has a significant number of players. As it’s not the game on its own, but a mode for popular FPS game, and Valve had to do something about it to keep it alive. As a result, they introduced a new map and new features to the game. So, we got a couple of new items, as well as starting perks that we can choose from before the game starts.

At the moment, there are 11 deployment perks, and each one is useful in its own way. In this Danger Zone perks guide, you can check out which perks you should use corresponding to your playstyle.

Aggressive/attacking style, initiating the fight

If you are the type of the player who likes to jump into the fight as soon as possible, then you should pick perks that help you to survive these battles. If you have this playstyle, perks that could help you are Balistic Shield, Health Shot, and Armor.

Ballistic Shield is very handy in kind of situation, but it’s particularly useful when you find yourself in intense combat. You should be aware that it doesn’t completely cover your body as a small window used for sight doesn’t stop bullets. Also, Ballistic Shield doesn’t have infinite HP, so it can get broken. However, the good thing about it is that you can use it even if you are not holding it in your hands. It’s always there on your back, so if you run out of ammo, just turn your back to your opponent while you are reloading your gun. It’s also very useful because it protects you from behind while you are taking loot from the ground.

On the other side, there is not so much to talk about Health Shot and Armor. Although these two are usually underrated and relatively boring perks to start with, they are so good, especially for aggressive players. The difference that armor can make is really big, particularly in Danger Zone where there are not as many Riffles.

Exploring/looting style

If looting and exploring is your favorite part about CS:GO, then you should use perks that are made for that kind of players. Of course, Bonus Explore is always an option, and you can also try out Exojump and Parachute, and perhaps Drone Pilot Tablet.

Bonus Explore money will reward you with extra money for every new area of the map (hexagon) that you visit. The good thing about this perk is that you will not lose it the second or the third time you respawn. It will always be there.

When it comes to Exojump and Parachute, these two are not as useful on Blacksite as they are on Sirocco. Whereas Blacksite doesn’t have so many tall buildings and high grounds, there is really no reason to pick Exojump or Parachute before some other perks. However, on Sirocco, these two Danger Zone perks can be so much useful, especially for players who are always moving and exploring the map.

Camping/passive style

In the case you are the player who likes his safety more than anything else, the following Danger Zone perks can help you to remain the last player standing. Drone Pilot Tablet and Bonus Wave money are perfect for this kind of players.

We already mentioned the Drone Pilot Tablet when we talked about exploring players, but it’s kind of more useful when you are camping than when you are exploring. When you camp, you are usually in a safe spot so you can control Drone that you can use to check out opponents’ positions and more than that. However, it’s recommended to use this perk only when you play Duo. Then, you have a player who can protect you while you are piloting the Drone.

Bonus Wave money will provide you with extra money for each wave you survive. Just like Explore Bonus, it will stay there throughout the whole game regardless of how many times you respawned.

Situational Danger Zone perks

As you can see, we didn’t mention three Deployment perks – C4 Explosives, Taser, and Firebombs. The reason is that these three perks are very situational, so unless you have some tricky tactics in mind, there is no reason to select these perks.

C4 Explosives are useful when you are trying to set up the trap for an opponent, but it rarely works. On the other side, you can use Taser and Firebombs to open big red crates that you wouldn’t be able to open with bare hands. There is no real reason to take these perks before others because you will rarely have a chance to use them at all.

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