CS:GO Updates: Small Economy Change, Danger Zone Upgrade

CSGO Updates Small Economy Change, Danger Zone Upgrade

A new CS:GO update brings a few new features including UI novelties, Danger Zone upgrades, and Map changes. Also, the new CS:GO updates features a small economy change that is able to slightly affect the course of the game.

A Danger Zone Upgrade

Another Danger Zone upgrade comes with a new CS:GO update. Developers unlocked another three starting perks. Therefore, from this moment, players can start off the game with a Drone Pilot Tablet, Bonus Wave Money, Bonus Explore Money, and Armor+Helmet. This Danger Zone upgrade will give players a variety of new options, and we are going to see a bunch of new tactics on the new map, Sirocco.

Also, players can now buy a Drone Pilot upgrade in their Tabley Buy menu. Developers fixed a few things that weren’t supposed to happen such as safe models spawning in midair and map collision and stuck spots. Additionally, the teaser will be able to open crates only with one shot. Plus, Valve added a delay on picking up a Ballistic Shields from dead players.

Danger Zone CSGO_Dev Update
Source: CS:GO_Dev Twitter
Small Economy Change

Because the CS:GO community was complaining about an unfair economy after the last huge CS:GO update, developers decided to make a small economy change. Previously, if the losing team broke their losing streak and then lost round again, they would get a $3,400 bonus. It was frustrating because it felt like the game was punishing the winning team.

Thus, developers decided to listen to the community. After this update, when the team breaks its losing streak, the bonus money will automatically go down to $2,900. This will definitely make the in-game economy fairer.

New User Interface features

The new update also brings some interesting User Interface features to us. Now, if you want to play some kind of premade match, you don’t have to search for a match lobby anymore. Now, you can advertise yourself as an available player who wants to join a lobby. So, your friends can invite you to their games.

Also, the new update features HLTV-provided event list. Hence, you can follow particular events and get notifications about its results, fixtures and so on. This can be very useful for players who like to watch professional Esports teams.

Map changes

On top of all mentioned, developers made several changes on Ruby and Workout maps. Here are some of them:

– Minor bug fixes
– Clean up
– Added setdressing
– Added boost in Alley
– Overall gameplay tweaks
– Trimmed excessive areas

– Fixed boosting into the hole in Kids Zone
– Deleted a rogue spawn point
– Fixed some shadow issues in the court area
– Brightened the shower area slightly


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