The New CS:GO Danger Zone Update Revives A Dying Battle Royale Game

CSGO Update New Danger Zone Map

The new CS:GO Update brought a couple of big changes in CS:GO Battle Royal mode. Valve created a completely new Danger Zone map and added many new things. Here’s our impression of the changes.

What is new?

Valve has implemented some new novelties in their survival mode for CS:GO. The biggest of all is definitely a new, improved and bigger map. The name of the new map is Sirocco, which reminds us of Dust 2 when it comes to textures.

This map has much more space and key spots, but we will talk about that later. Unfortunately, new map means that Blacksite is not available in matchmaking. However, this is just a temporary change, so we will see if Valve will allow us to choose between Sirocco and Blacksite in future or not. Although Blacksite has been there for a while, it would be good to have a choice between these two maps. It’s always better when you can change the environment occasionally.

Another new feature in Danger Zone is the respawn. Now, when your opponent takes you down, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the game. If you play with another player, you can still respawn but only if your teammate is alive. Otherwise, the game ended for both of you. Therefore, pay attention and when your teammate dies, try to survive as long as possible. This new feature (seen in Apex Legends and Fortnite), will keep players engaged in the game, and perhaps encourage more communication and coordination amongst players.

Starting Items, New Gadgets and More

Valve developers took the CS:GO update seriously. Alongside the new Danger Zone map, which is already a big novelty, they’ve added new gadgets as well. First of all, you now can choose between four different items to start the game with. At this moment, there’s the Parachute, Health Shot, Taser, and Exojump. Additionally, there are much more starting items to come with new updates.

They are already featured in the starting menu, but Valve still didn’t add them. Soon, players will have an option to choose the Ballistic Shield, Money bonuses, Drone Pilot, and so on.

CSGO Danger Zone Ballistic Shield
Source: CS:GO_dev

As you can see, there are already some new items there. Also, a legendary ballistic shield from CS 1.6. is coming back to the game. But, there are completely new gadgets such as the exojump, bump mines, drone pilots and others. As these names suggest, exojump and bump mines will allow you to perform gigantic jumps, which will make much easier for you to get across big distances.

So, Valve tries to keep the primary CS:GO look with the same engine and weapons, but at the same time, tries to get close to popular Battle Royal games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, etc.

Easier Communication and Hunting

When Danger Zone just came out, it was irritating that you had to spend a lot of time taking ammo. Also, there wasn’t so much ammo in general. However, the new big CS:GO update fixed that as well. Hence, weapons that you find will most likely have a full magazine instead of being partially full. On top of that, your tablet will show you the position of the nearest gun crate.

That will make it easier for you to find weapons in the big map. Obviously, Valve is trying to enforce more action and combat situations.

CSGO Danger Zone Communication
Source: ESLCS

Another useful feature that the big CS:GO update brings to us is the pinging system that makes communication much easier. Plus, your teammate will wear a blue uniform instead of orange, which helps you to distinguish friends from enemies.

The First Impression

The new Danger Zone map is rolled out for a few days now, but there are already many things to say about it. First of all, Sirocco is a way bigger map than Blacksite, or at least, it looks like that. There is much more open space. In addition to that, there are more separated areas, buildings, entrances, and passways.

Furthermore, there are many underground chambers and tunnels. You can literally get lost in these tunnels and easily forget where are you at the moment. Also, we must notice that the new Danger Zone map looks better than Blacksite, although Blacksite is pretty as well. As mentioned, there are some areas on the map that looks as big as the whole Blacksite. That makes Sirocco so interesting to play as you can explore it all day and yet discover something new in each game.

New features such as Starting Perks and Exojumps just makes this mode more interesting and fun. The fact that there is much more ammo also gives us additional amusement. It is going to be interesting to see upcoming items in the game as well.

Perhaps the best thing that new big CS:GO update gave to us, alongside the new map, is respawning. It makes us feel like there are more players than 18, and the game somehow lasts longer. All in all, Valve did a great job and this is an excellent improvement to their survival mode.

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