CS:GO Update Meta Change: AUG Finally Nerfed, Big Economy Change

CSGO Update Meta Changing, AUG Finally Nerfed, Big Economy Change

After Valve reduced the price of the AUG, everyone started exploiting the power of this weapon. The CS:GO community were begging Valve to nerf the AUG and get back the old price. That’s what Valve did in the last the CS:GO Update Meta Change. Alongside the AUG nerf, Valve made one significant economy change.

CS:GO Update Meta Change – Weapons prices adjusted

The AUG is not the only weapon whose price was changed by Valve; though it is definitely the most significant one. Valve fulfilled the wish of the CS:GO community by increasing the price of the AUG. Therefore, if the player in the game still wants to buy that weapon, he has to spend $3,300 (CS:GO money of course). Casual CS:GO gamers won’t see any difference as the last price was $3,150, but $150 in CS:GO means a lot.

For example, when the price was $3,300 before the patch, almost no one dared to buy the AUG. But, when Valve decreased the price, AUG became the most loved/hated weapon in CS:GO. According to the CS:GO Developers explanation, they wanted to let professionals realize the power of the AUG when they reduced the price. Simply, it became more affordable, and it was much better to buy it instead of the M4, considering that AUG was just $50 more expensive.

However, that resulted in the AUG being too powerful. So, Valve just had to get back the old price and make the AUG less affordable.

Valve also reduced the price of a few shotguns and made a couple of adjustments. They reduced the price of the Nova ($1,050), Sawed-Off ($1,150), and Mag 7 ($1,300). In addition to that, the range of the Sawed-off is set in 1400, and the penetration of Nova is raised to 1.

Another significant feature of this CS:GO Meta change Update when it comes to guns is about the M4A1-S. Namely, this gun now has 25 bullets per magazine instead of 20, and 100 rounds in total.

Important economy change

The game economy has always been one of the most important parts of CS:GO. Accordingly, the last economy change had the power of changing Meta. That’s why this CS:GO Update Meta Change is significant. As all CS:GO players know, teams are getting money bonuses after they lose a round. Those bonuses are increased by $500 after every loss. Therefore, teams were getting bonus money in the way of:

  • 0 losses in a row – $1,400
  • 1 loss in a row – $1,900
  • 2 losses in a row – $2,400
  • 3 losses in a row – $2,900
  • 4+ losses in a row – $3,400

When the team finally breaks a losing streak, it results in resetting the round loss bonus. For the sake of explanation, here is a practical example: CT wins 4 rounds in a row, so in the fifth round T side will get an additional $3,400. T side wins the fifth round but then loses the sixth round. As they broke the losing streak and will get only $1,900, which most likely forces them to save in the seventh round. But, that won’t be the case no more.

Instead of completely resetting the round loss bonus when the team breaks the losing streak, it will reduce the count by one. Every further win will additionally reduce the count by one. Let’s get back to our example. Now, if the T side wins the fifth round and then loses the sixth round, they won’t get just $1,900 in the following round, but $2,900. For example, if T side wins two rounds in a row and then lost the third one, they will get $2,400 in the next round, and so on. In conclusion, the losing streak doesn’t matter anymore, but the number of losses in the previous 5 rounds.

Hence, it’s more than clear why this CS:GO Update Meta Change happened. This will definitely change the approach of pros to the game.

Other changes

Valve also decided to add flashbang assists in the game. So, if you flash the enemy and your teammates kill that player, you’ll get that assist. Nevertheless, if some other player delivers more than 40 damage to a killed player, you won’t get an assist even if you successfully flashed an enemy. This CS:GO Update Meta Change also features new weapons skins in Prisma Case as well as many maps Changes.

Here are some of the changes that Valve made on Canals and Vertigo:

– reduced number of routes around bombsite B
– moved bombsite B inside the palace
– added a door from center stairs to courtyard platform

– Thank you to all the diligent players that continued testing Bombsite B
– Blocked runboost from T spawn to Bombsite B (will still be possible in B site configuration)
– Obstructed boost from top of floodlight in back of A

(source: https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/category/updates/)

If you want to see all map changes, you can check it here.

How will this Meta changing CS:GO update affect the game?

These numerous changes will definitely have a huge impact on the game. First of all, players will think twice before buying AUG as it is a bigger risk to buy AUG now. It is still very powerful, but it comes at a higher price. It is going very interesting to see whether players will still prefer AUG instead of M4.

Meta change CSGO update eSPORTS

We all know that the M4A4 is much more used than the M4A1-S. The sole reason for that probably was the fact that M4A4 had more bullets in magazine and reserve. Given that CS:GO is a tactical shooter, you need as many bullets as possible to prefire some positions. And 30 rounds is much more than 20. However, that difference is significantly smaller now. So, we are looking forward to seeing which weapon professionals will prefer after this Meta changing CS:GO Update.

On top of all mentioned, the economy change will definitely force CS:GO teams to approach the game in a different way. There will most likely be fewer eco rounds, and we will see if that is going to make the game more or less interesting. Anyway, this was undoubtedly a great way to shake a game a little bit and make it more interesting. Players will have more options in weapon selection, and their choice will matter more.

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