ALEX to Vitality, n0thing Stands in for compLexity [CS:GO Transfer News]

Esports ALEX to Vitality, n0thing stand in for compLexity [CSGO Transfer News]
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Even though many changes have been made in the CS:GO off season, players are still moving from one team to another. In the last two days, we saw several big changes. The biggest one was definitely n0thing standing in for compLexity at IEM Katowice 2019, as well as ALEX moving from Team LDLC to Team Vitality.

Team Vitality benched Happy

Two days ago, Team Vitality decided to bench Happy. Apparently, Happy didn’t meet Team Vitality’s expectations. Therefore, he needed to be replaced by someone in better form. It’s not easy to watch such a successful player being benched by a lately formed team. However, CS:GO continues to prove it’s one of the cruelest competitive games in the eSports industry. Simply, you don’t have much time there, and if you are not performing at your best, you can quickly end up on the bench. That’s what happened to Happy.

Considering the greatness of Happy, we need to tell a couple of words about his rich and relatively long career. He started playing Counter-Strike 1.6. in 2007 and wasn’t quite successful in that version of CS. Moveover, we can say that his career really begun in 2013 when he joined Team LDLC. After an episode in WE GOT GAME and Recursive eSports, he came back in Team LDLC. In 2014, Happy won two Premiers and two Majors. He can be especially proud of his DreamHack Winter 2014 title. In the following year, Happy moved to Team Envy where he spent most of his CS:GO career. Ten Premier titles were won by Team Envy while Happy was playing for them.

Furthermore, everything started going downhill for them in September 2017. Happy was one of the victims of poor form, so he moved to Tempo Storm and then went to the new formed team Vitality. Unfortunately, now he is warming the bench once again.

ALEX replaced Happy

According to basic principles, when one player leaves, another one has to come. ALEX came to Team Vitality from Happy’s former club, Team LDLC. Unlike Happy, ALEX doesn’t have an impressive resume. Sure, he has done some notable things such as ESL Pro European Championship and second place at eSports World Convention 2016, but nothing of those are even close to any Happy’s accomplishments. ALEX is a young and talented player, and has a lot to bring to the table in future contests.

Esports ALEX to Vitality, n0thing stand in for compLexity CSGO Transfer News
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Rickeh joined compLexity

CompLexity decided to sign former Renegades, Counter Logic Gaming and Rogue player. Ricky “Rickeh” Mulholland is Australian CS:GO player known for his leadership skills. His first team was Team Immunity, and Rickeh recorded decent results there. The peak of that period was at World Cyber Arena 2016 – Southeast Asia Qualifier when Immunity triumphed. That was the recommendation for Renegades to sign this player. Australian team performed the best at DreamHack Open Winter 2016 when they won second place. Afterward, Rickeh joined Counter Logic Gaming. In June 2018 he joined Rogue and won two 2nd places at Majors. Now, he is part of compLexity.

Rickeh did an interview with compLexity Gaming where he had this to say:

“What attracted me to compLexity was the main feeling of the team that has a chance to be more successful, the professionalism behind the organization and the way they treat the players. I’ve seen videos and stories and stuff about Jason Lake since I am myself I was like maybe 12 or 13 years old, I was watching the old compLexity movies. When I was back in Australia and I was a little kid I was always following the North American scene, so come into 2018 over ten years later he’s still going and he’s still doing great things from what I can see. When it comes to a current roster, I just want to say I’m super excited to join these guys.

I’ve been watching a couple of these players from when I was a kid myself and to be able to play with them now is just an honor to me. In general, I think that like I said before, the team has a much better chance, in my opinion, to be more successful, but not only in short run but in long-term as well. We have a whole group of experienced players and I think what they’re looking from me in terms of gameplay and style is secondary over and someone who can be a more hybrid role.”

N0thing is in the game again

Former Cloud9 player and big CS:GO legend, n0thing didn’t play professional CS:GO for almost one year. The only main event he played as part of one of the top teams was ESL One: Belo Horizonte 2018 in June. He stood in for mousesports at that event and won 2nd place with them. N0thing played for Old Guys at three Qualifiers as well, but it’s definitely not the top level of CS:GO. Moreover, one of the most popular Twitch streamers surely didn’t forget how to play CS:GO as he is still in great form which we can see from his streams. Furthermore, n0thing did something really hard in his last stream, and here’s the clip to appreciate a great kill.

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