CS:GO Teams Reflect On IEM Katowice Challengers Stage

CS GO Teams Reflect On IEM Katowice Challengers Stage
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The IEM Katowice Legends Stage is under way as it’s remaining eight teams share their thoughts on the next stage of the event

Players’ reflection on Challengers Stage

With the Challengers Stage finished two days ago, players had time to rest and reflect on the next leg of their journey. Although eight teams from the IEM Katowice Challengers Stage did advance, things were far from pretty. The remaining teams talked to ESL talked about their Challengers Stage and what to expect going forward. Two players from each team give their thoughts on the Katowice Challengers Stage.

It was a “wild ride”

REZ from Ninjas in Pyjamas said that Challengers Stage was a real wild ride. RUSH from Cloud9 agreed with REZ. He mentions that their journey through  Katowice Challengers Stage had a lot of upside but also many letdowns. It makes perfect sense coming from two players who’s teams needed to clutch late round wins to advance. REZ later ads that the Legends Stage is going to be easier for them. He feels that they have had more practice against the remaining teams, hence things should be much smoother.

ALEX from Vitality said his team had a rough couple of days. He wanted to say something about the last day, but got confused and looked at his teammate who told him he was broken. kennyS from G2 thinks that IEM Katowice Challengers Stage was disappointing for them at times. He states that the French team had a hard time in Best-of-1 matches, as well on first maps of Best-of-3’s. He mentions there is no room for error and need to be careful during the Legends stage.

Apparently, Renegades’ player jks was happy about how they performed the in Challengers Stage. Given that they had a 3-0 record, they were never really threatened. He then adds, that there are some things that can be fixed.  fitch from AVANGAR states that IEM Katowice Challengers Stage was difficult as all teams brought their best. He also thinks that this event is going to be the most difficult Major of the  year.

NRG’s player, daps said they will not change anything with their preparation. He knows that they will have to face the best teams, while needing to adapt their game and strategies to match those teams.

It’s on to the Legends stage as some teams enter full of confidence while others need to pick up their game.


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