CS:GO Regional Major Partners Announced

CSGO Regional Major Partners Announced
  • Valve announced the partners of the regional CS: GO majors. 

CS: GO performed worse during the global pandemic than other esports titles. First of all, we have seen the Rio Major delayed to November and there are still fears over the tournament dates with the pandemic still going on. There is a big chance of ESL ONE Rio Major will be online even though Valve delayed the event. The teams need to collect RMR points in order to get into the ESL ONE Rio Major 2020. The prize pool of the event pushed up to $2 million USD in order to signify the importance of the event. Today Valve announced the partnerships for the tournaments leading up to ESL ONE Rio Major.

Each region will have different sponsors according to Valve’s recent Tweet. The Asian region partner will be Perfect World and Fall Edition of the Perfect World Asia League will be the last RMR event leading to Rio Major. Interestingly even though there are no announcements for the South American tournament Omete & Co. will be the partner for the tournament. Because we know the partner for the event we are expecting Valve to announce the South American tournament soon. Yesterday Valve announced the IEM New York Online and the tournament will be sponsored by ESL. This tournament will be the last chance for teams in NA and CIS to get RMR points. DreamHack will be the sponsor of the EU event, however, there will be another non-RMR tournament in the EU region.

Modern Times Group the parent company for ESL and DreamHack announced losses. The pandemic was not kind to CS:GO fans with tournaments canceled all the time and big majors getting delayed. ESL ONE Rio event will take place between November 9-22. The tournament brackets will be according to the RMR points of the teams.

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