CS:GO Pro Fumbles Words – “I Want to Wreck This President”

CSGO Pro Apex Vitality Fumbles Word at ESL Katowice Interview Esports
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Vitality esports player Dan Madesclaire aka apEX fumbled his words during an interview at ESL Katowice. He then dropped the F-Bomb after he realized he messed up.

Dan “apEX” Madesclaire is a Colorful Character

Dan Madesclaire, who also goes by the name apEX online is a professional CS:GO player for the esports organization Vitality.He’s had quite a successful CS:GO esports career where he’s finished 1st place since 2015 in 10 different eventys, including the famous World Championships in 2015 when he represented Team France.


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On top of it all, there’s the man himself. A vibrant and colorful character in the CS:GO world. apEX loves to joke around and be playful. He’s always full of life and likes to display his emotions when he wins games.

As Dan Madesclaire himself puts it, it’s  “different stages of me“. On top of it all, Dan “apEX” Madesclaire loves to do interviews, in which he didn’t shy away from at last weeks ESL Katowice event.

CS:GO Pro Fumbles Word – “I Want to Wreck This President”

Vitality tied the series defeating Renegades on Cache in the Legends stage. apEX was brought in to do an interview to discuss his thoughts on where the match is heading. This is how the interview went down.

apEX was asked his thoughts on about the next map Inferno he said this.

“I just want to wreck this President. Or these Australians. Wtf am I saying”.

It was a funny moment, and the reporter also laughed at his fumble. Obviously Dan Madesclaire’s first language isn’t English (it’s French), so there will be fumble here and there. But his English is overall very good. He fixed his mistake to make sure he won’t be in the black book for Presidents around the world, but he continued to say that he wants to beat the Renegades for now and that’s all he wants for his birthday.

Dan Madesclaire Apex Vitality Fumbles Word at ESL Katowice Interview Esports

One thing is for sure, and that the reporter enjoyed her time interviewing apEX.

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