CS:GO Players Discuss CS:GO Weapon AUG

CSGO Players Discuss CSGO Weapon AUG Esports

CS:GO weapon AUG became popular recently, and now it is a regular part of Meta. After Valve reduced its price down to $3,150, AUG became so strong weapon. Accordingly, ESL asked CS:GO Pros whether AUG should be nerfed, or should it cost more. See what they said.

CS:GO weapon AUG

Although the AUG was always a very strong weapon, it wasn’t part of Meta before. Astralis’ coach Zonic thinks that when he was a player, the pro community had a “gentleman’s rule” that obliged them to not use nontraditional weapons. CS:GO weapon AUG was definitely one of those. It looked like Valve almost completely forgot about AUG considering they didn’t change it since February 2014.

Suddenly, they decided to reduce the price down to make AUG more affordable in October last year. Primarily, players started using AUG for fun, but then they realized how powerful it is. Eventually, CS:GO weapon AUG became a standard weapon in CS:GO. Everyone was ready to pay a little bit more for such a powerful gun.

Some players even started using AUG instead of the AWP as it provides players with similar stats, but it gives them more mobility. CS:GO weapon AUG delivers much damage, and it’s a very accurate weapon. Therefore, its no wonder why it became so popular.

What CS:GO Pros think about recent Meta change?

Stanislaw from compLexity says the AUG needs both nerfing and price increase. He and his teammate n0thing were laughing as they have a big problem to deal with AUG. Stanislaw points out that M4 and AUG basically cost the same, and AUG is much more powerful. Why then not buy AUG? Twistzz from Team Liquid states that no one knew how powerful AUG and SG were, though not so many players use SG.

ENCE’s entry fragger, Aerial says that AUG is just too OP and that Valve should definitely nerf it. Team Vitality’s captain, NBK thinks that Valve should simply raise the price. He adds that it is always a good thing to have an option to pay more for a stronger weapon. Brazilian player, TACO appreciates the fact that Valve shook Meta a little bit. His opinion is that those Meta changes are always fun. TabseN, daps, dennis, and DeadFox all agree that Valve should increase the price or at least get it back to the old one.

Xyp9x agrees with previous players, and he says that AUG definitely has the place in the game. It’s completely logical for X9pex to think in that way considering he uses AUG the most in Astralis. In the end, we have two pretty interesting statements from s1mple and qikert. The best player of 2018 doesn’t understand players who complains about changes given that the changes are the same for everyone. Which makes sense. On the other hand, qikert is quite radical when it comes to AUG. According to his words, CS:GO weapon AUG should be completely removed from the game.

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