Things You Didn’t Know About CS:GO – Map Locations, Easter Eggs And More

Things You Didn't Know About CSGO - Map Locations, Easter Eggs

For hardcore gamers, the most interesting part of a game is often not the game itself, but little things they can find inside it. This article talks about things you most likely didn’t know about CS:GO, including Easter Eggs, Map Locations in real life and more.

Locations of maps in real life

As you know, the majority of maps are based on some locations that exist in real life. Sometimes, map creators made the exact same replica of real-life locations (Rialto, Canals), and sometimes they used real-life locations only as of the inspiration for maps they made for CS:GO. Locations that you will read are just our best guesses.

Dust 2

It seems like the most popular CS map ever is the only one that is not based on some particular location. There is nothing that we can use as a reference to some location that exists in real life. However, we can assume it takes place in one of the Middle East countries, or some other Desert areas where Arabic is the first language.

Mirage – Marrakech, Marroco

When it comes to Mirage, our best assumption is that the creator of this map was inspired by the big city in Marroco, Marrakech. If we look at architecture and textures in Marrakech, we will notice a big similarity with textures and architecture on Mirage.

Cache – Chernobyl

If you know how Chernobyl, the ghost city, looks like, you will definitely see the huge overlap with one of the most popular CS:GO maps, Cache. It’s just too obvious where the creators of Cache got inspiration from.


Inferno is perhaps the most interesting map when it comes to easter eggs, fun facts and the location of the map in real life. The previous versions of this map were definitely based on Mission San Juan Capistrano in California. This could easily be noticed thanks to four bells on T spawn. However, as the map changed over time, rings got removed, but the similar style remained. It overwhelmingly reminds us of Italy. The language, the basic idea behind the map and all other things are clear hints that Inferno takes place in Italy. However, we cannot be sure about this one.


We can be sure that Christopher Mair who build the original version of this map got inspiration from the train station near his home. He confirmed this himself. However, the CS:GO version of this map must be placed somewhere in former USSR countries. We can assume that this map takes place in one of the big industrial cities such as Moscow, Donetsk, and others.


It’s clear that Overpass takes place in Germany in real life. However, it’s not clear if it takes place in Berlin or Nürnberg. Some hints show us that it indeed takes place in Berlin, but watchtower behind the Bank takes place in Nürnberg in real life. The creator of the map perhaps thought the watchtower would be a great addition to this map.


This one can be any nuclear power plant in the world, but surrounding tells us it might be Three Mile Island as it has a river beside the map.


The newest map in Active Map Pool has so many skyscrapers and tall buildings. According to what we can see, it most likely takes place in New York City in real life.

Easter Eggs

For those who don’t know, Easter Eggs are interesting small details and secrets that developers of the game put inside of the game. These secrets and details don’t have a particular purpose in the game. Their only purpose is to be found by hardcore gamers and puzzle solvers who are willing to spend days to find a single Easter Egg.

These can be anything from writings on the wall to pictures, sounds, puzzles and so on. Although CS:GO doesn’t look like a game that has Easter Eggs, it actually does. Most of them are linked to CS:GO pro scene, but some of them have something to do with developers of the Counter-Strike as well as with other Valve’s games. Here are some Easter Eggs you maybe missed, arranged by maps.

Dust 2

Although it looks like Dust 2 couldn’t possibly have any Easter Egg on it, it actually does have. Gamers who played older versions of CS, as well as old Dust 2 map, know that there was graffiti on A site which said “Goose”. After rework, the letters were replaced by the picture of a goose. That is actually a reference to Minh “gooseman” Le, co-creator of Counter-Strike. As a very popular Easter Egg, this is maybe not one of the things you didn’t know about CS:GO, but it’s still a very interesting one.

Dust 2 Gooseman Goose Easter Egg CSGO


The location of the map is not the only thing that is interesting about this map. Among all Active Duty maps, this one has perhaps the most things you didn’t know about CS:GO maps. You maybe noticed this, but the name of this map (“Inferno”) is coming from Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The proof of this assumption is the name of the street in the Second Mid area (“Via Dante”).

Inferno Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri CSGO Easter Egg Via Dante

Also, the popular Banana street has its own name, too. It’s called “Via Adamo” which is a reference to Adam Friberg, also known as “king of Banana”. CS:GO developers thought it would great to give credit to the player who dominated the competition in this part of the map.

Inferno Easter egg Adam Friberg Via Adamo CSGO

Another interesting Easter Egg is screen on a monitor in the T Appartments room. Sometimes, it doesn’t show anything. But, sometimes it shows the main menu of the original CS version. This is an interesting addition to the game for nostalgic players, and most likely one of the things you didn’t know about CS:GO.

Another proof that the name of this map is taken from Divine Comedy is a soundtrack we can hear coming from radion near T spawn. According to Italian speakers in the community, the radio broadcast the extract from Divine Comedy in Italian. So, if you wondered what you hear near T spawn, that’s the extract from one of the most valuable literary masterpieces.

CSGO Easter Egg Devine Comedy T Side Spawn Radio

Another Easter Egg is coming from the creator of this map, Christopher Auty. He left a few hints on the map that leads you directly to his homepage. One of them is the big graffiti on the wall of A site.

Tenuta Auty Easter Egg Christopher Auty CSGO Inferno Map

Vino Auty Easter Egg CSGO Inferno Map


Overpass is another map full of Easter Eggs. The only interactive Easter Egg in the whole game is ATM near A site and CT spawn. If you shoot at the ATM on the left side, the money will get out. Of course, this is just a visual effect and you can’t pick up any money. Moreover, this ATM is outside the playable area.

Overpass Map Easter Egg ATM near A site and CT spawn

Finally, Overpass has an Easter Egg that is a kind of puzzle. This Easter Egg is actually the code on the wall on the entrance of the Connector from the water area. The numbers of this code 242724 are actually a postcode of Freeman in West Virginia. Apparently, this is a reference to Gordon Freeman, the protagonist of Half Life: Opposing Force. This is definitely one of the things you didn’t know about CS:GO.

This map also has two graffitis on walls that are not really Easter Eggs, but you perhaps missed them. One of them is written in German and it means Toxic, probably referring to toxic CS:GO community. The other one says HeadShot.

Canal Map Easter Egg graffitis Headshot wall

CSGO graffiti Map Toxic German


As one of the most iconic maps, Train is also home to a couple of Easter Eggs. We will begin with one picture that is not actually an Easter Egg, but you probably didn’t notice it. It’s a picture of Vladimir Lenin on the wall you can see from T spawn.

Train Easter Egg Map Vladimir Lenin CSGO

Older players most likely remember the glitch that was a big problem back in a day. This glitch gave you a possibility to get on pigeons and fly on them all the way to the roof on A site. This famous “pigeon boost” was giving T side an unfair advantage. The glitch was fixed, but developers left the sign which says “don’t step on birds” in Russian.

pigeon boost easter egg csgo dumpter map

Also, if you go outside the map in the same direction as shown in the picture, you will see there is a moving train. Even though it’s nothing special, it’s interesting to see that map creators put moving train in the area you can’t actually see in the game.

Moving Train Easter Egg CSGO Map



If someone told you there was Easter Eggs in CS:GO, you’d expect them to be on the big new maps made for Survival Mode. Indeed, the first Danger Zone map, Blacksite hides two Easter Eggs. The first one is a reference to Valve’s game, Portal. In the Tourist area, there is a room with no access from outside. The only way to get into it is to go from room number two to room number 3. Interestingly enough, the wooden tile with number three on it is not in the right place.

wooden tile easter egg csgo map


Once you get inside the room, you won’t notice anything unusual. There are some monitors and one keyboard. However, if you stay inside room for more than 2 minutes, you’ll start hearing some random sounds. After some time, the voice that is coming out monitors will start saying random words. According to players who decrypted the message, the message is the name of the soundtrack of Portal game. So, many players assumed this is kind of announcement of Portal 3. However, developers denied that and said it was just a fun Easter Egg they decided to put in the game. It’s not a hint or anything like that. Among all things you didn’t know about CS:GO, this is the most interesting one.

CSGO easter egg portal tv room

Another Easter Egg on this map, although a small one, is the unfinished SOS message on the coast.


Blacksite easter egg csgo SOS rocks

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