MUST SEE: CS:GO Host Frankie Ward Takes Pizza from Fan at IEM Katowice

CSGO Host Takes Pizza from Fan at IEM Katowice Frankie Ward @getfrank
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Frankie Ward is one of the best esports hosts in the industry, and she definitely knows how to keep things interesting while interviewing at CS:GO events. This time, Frankie Ward does something out of the ordinary and takes pizza from fan at IEM Katowice. See how it all went down. 

Frankie Ward – Best CS:GO Host

Frankie Ward is one of the most entertaining esports hosts to watch. Whenever she interviews a player, everyone knows it’s going to be a fun interview. She knows how to approach players with some interesting questions and curve balls, and definitely keeps them on their feet. She’s very good at what she does, and has an award as Presenter of the Year at the UK Esports Awards in 2018.

She continues to partake in esports, specifically with CS:GO. IEM Katowice has ended, with Astralis winning the event. But, at top of the highlight reels from the teams that participated are the interviews that Frankie Ward did throughout the event. Her most notable one was where she went into the crowd to ask some ENCE fans a few questions. At that point in the tournament, ENCE was the underdogs who were upsetting teams like Team Liquid.

It was a Cinderella ride for the team as no one expected them to reach this point. This is where Frankie had the idea to go into the crowd and search for ENCE fans specifically. Here’s what happened.

CS:GO Host Frankie Ward Takes Pizza from Fan at IEM Katowice

Frankie found some ENCE fans in the crowd and sat next to them. She started off by saying, “Hello, I’ve been let loose in the audience so I thought I’d go and dig out a couple of ENCE fans. And actually, they drove all the way from Finland to be here at Katowice and I’d imagine they didn’t expect to be on camera did you Olef?”. The ENCE fan replied saying,

“No, I didn’t.”

To ease the nerves of Olef, Frankie drew his attention to his ENCE poster.

Friend Laughs, Frankie Goes in for the Pizza

As Frankie Ward was asking Olef his thoughts about ENCE and how will they do in the event, once of Olef’s friends was laughing on the side; possibly because he knew how nervous Olef was.

Frankie Ward Interviews ENCE Fan Olef Friend Laughs
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Even though Frankie was looking in the direction of Olef, perhaps she heard the laughing on the side which prompted her to take a piece of Pizza from the laughing friend. It’s a hilarious clip as Frankie doesn’t get a whole piece of Pizza; only a tiny piece.

“Your mates got some pizza. Can I take a slice?”

Watch the hilarious scene below.

Although the IEM Katowice has passed, and we’ve seen some amazing things happen from the event, Frankie Ward definitely did a good job keeping our humor in check. We’re looking forward to the next esports event she hosts.

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