CS:GO Experts Reveal Their Pick’Ems Predictions

CSGO Esports Experts Reveal Their Pick'Ems Predictions
  • Some of CS:GO experts, including analysts, YouTubers, players and commentators, revealed their Pick’Em predictions on their social network accounts. Here is a brief summary of their Pick’Em predictions.

Most Picked Teams

When it comes to teams that are going to reach the New Legends Stage, some picks were very consistent. For example, all of the 13 celebrities that are included are sure that NRG, G2, Team Vitality, FURIA, and mousesports will advance further. Also, according to Pick’Ems predictions of CS:GO experts, CR4ZY and North have a great chance of advancing as well. Only Vince “Metuz” Hill thinks that CR4ZY can’t reach New Legends Stage.

On the other side, the only CS:GO expert from this list that thinks North will drop out in Challengers Stage is the famous YouTuber, NadeKing. Apparently, one of the most famous CS:GO YouTubers doesn’t think that great team such as North can reach Legends Stage.

Alongside these most picked teams, the CS:GO experts also mention names such as TYLOO, forZe, HellRaisers, compLexity, INTZ Gaming, and AVANGAR.

Teams with 3-0 and a 0-3 score

When it comes to teams with a 0-3 score, there are only three names in Pick’Ems predictions of CS:GO, expert. Thorin, jasonR, and m0e think that Grayhound Gaming will again fail to win a single match in Challengers Stage. NadeKing and fl0m think that it’s definitely going to be Syman Gaming, and all remaining CS:GO experts picked DreamEaters as an absolute looser.

On the other side, when it comes to absolute winners, the picks were very different. TrilluXe and jasonR think forZe can grab all three victories. But, they are not the only experts from CS:GO scene whose opinion is that a rookie team can clinch all three series. YouTubers NadeKing and WarOwl picked CR4ZY as their team with no loss. Nevertheless, these predictions are not as bold as fl0m’s prediction that compLexity gaming is going to book all three wins despite their not so good form.

But, there are more of these risky Pick’Em predictions. TDM_heyzeus’ opinion is that HellRaisers will have only wins written alongside their name, and BananaGaming and Vince are fans of the idea that TYLOO will come out on top.

CSGO Pickems predictions 2019
Source: Reddit CS:GO

Finally, in Pick’Ems of m0e, Thorin, and Stewie2k, there is Vitality in “Green Zone” as they are also potential champions of the following Major. The last two teams who found their place in this Green Box are mousesports (Skadoodle), and North (kioShiMa).

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