This is the Craziest AWP Quad-kill You’ll see in CS:GO

This is the Craziest AWP Quad-kill You'll see in CSGO IEM Katowice 2019 ottoNd

While the best teams are beginning their journey at IEM Katowice 2019, Low and Mid-Tier teams are competing at the ESEA Season 30. There’s a total of 18 teams fighting for the main prize of ESEA S30 Europe division. At week 5, we saw an unbelievable AWP quad-kill by ottoNd in the match between Valiance and expert eSport.

ESEA Series

Teams that didn’t make it to the main event of IEM Katowice are currently playing at the ESEA tournament. At this moment, those Low and Mid-Tier teams are playing Online matches in Australia, North America, and Europe. Each tournament has 18 teams competing for title and $17,500 USD. ESEA uses a Round Robin Group, so all teams face each other once. The best eight teams advance to Single-bracket elimination Play-off.

What a shot by ottoNd

Valiance met expert eSport at week 5. They played the match on Nuke, and Valiance was on the CT side. Valiance opened the match in a great manner winning three opening rounds. However, expert eSport started playing better and we saw a big fight in the first half. At half-time, the score was 8-7 in expert’s favor. The German team managed to make a small advantage bigger by winning five consecutive rounds as T side.

ottoNd CSGO Counter Strike Esports ESL Pro League
source: ottoNd’s Twitter account

In the 21st round, Valiance finally ended expert’s winning streak. Two rounds later, we saw one of the craziest AWP quad-kill ever. Finish player ottoNd had an AWP and was waiting at the entrance of B site from Mid. Four expert’s players were entering the B site from mid, but they didn’t know ottoNd was there. The first victim of ottoNd was ScrunK. Regardless, the best part happened a little bit later.

Three Enemies? No problem

Namely, expert’s players pushed ottoNd back, and he had to retreat to the next corner. Three expert’s players made a breakthrough and it looked like it was going to be an easy kill for them. Moreover, ottoNd seemed to not have any chance. Nevertheless, what came after shocked everyone who watched the match, including commentators. ottoNd pulled the trigger, and three expert’s players were in a way of his bullet. All of them were dead. You definitely don’t see such kills every day, which is why the clip is a must-see.

Still, Valiance lost the match

Although this amazing display by ottoNd brought Valiance that round, it was insufficient to get the comeback. After the 28th round, the expert had two match points, but Valiance somehow managed to make it to Overtime. Unfortunately for Valiance, the expert was too strong in Overtime, and Germans were the victorious team in the end. It was actually their first and only win at ESEA Europe this season. On the other hand, that was Valiance’s first and only loss so far.

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