CR4ZY Wins A Round in CS:GO Without Delivering Any Damage

CR4ZY Wins The Round Without Delivering Any Damage
  • On the second map of the Advancement match between CR4ZY and DreamEaters, the Serbian team won a round without delivering any damage to the opposite team. Here are all the details.
Battle Royale or CS:GO?

Many gamers say that Battle Royale games cannot be part of esports because you can win a match without doing any damage to other players. However, recently, the same thing happened in a high-level CS:GO match.

As the Major in Berlin kicked off, CR4ZY and DreamEaters both had good runs. Therefore, they ended up facing each other in Advancement match in Round 4. After a big battle, DreamEaters won the first map (Inferno) with the scoreline 16-12. It looked like DreamEaters could become the first underdogs of the Challengers Stage to make a step further. However, CR4ZY dismantled Russian team in the first half of Dust 2 (11-4).

One of the most interesting details in the first half was 12th round when CR4ZY managed to win the round without delivering any damage to the opposite team, though EspiranTo received some friendly bullets.

The round kicked off, and DreamEaters had two players on each bomb site. However, the mid player was leaning to B site as DreamEaters expected Mid-to-B split, and two of their players from A-site were defending long. Hence, the Catwalk and the A-site itself were completely free. CR4ZY used their chance and they successfully planted the bomb. Surprisingly, even though DreamEaters had all five players alive, they didn’t want to go for a retake as their economy was pretty weak. So, CR4ZY won the round without delivering any damage.

CR4ZY advanced to New Legends Stage

When CR4ZY set the score on 11-1, DreamEaters woke up and they won 9 rounds in a row. They managed to close the gap, but CR4ZY eventually prevailed (16-11) and took the match to Mirage. There, they had an upper hand again in the first half (11-4), but DreamEaters caught up again (12-11). However, CR4ZY stepped up for one last time to conclude the series in their favor and secure the spot in the New Legends Stage.

For CR4ZY, this is a huge success as this is their debut at the Majors. To play in the same group with teams such as Astralis, Team Liquid, NaVi and others at the Major must be an honor for the CS:GO team.

On the other side, DreamEaters will have a chance to do the same thing against forZe. So, we will have another rookie in New Legends Stage.

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