Coldzera Is Leaving MiBR After IEM Chicago. Possibly Joining FaZe Clan

Coldzera Is Leaving MiBR After IEM Chicago. Possibly Joining FaZe Clan

Shocking news has come from the best Brazilian CS:GO team. The best Brazilian player, coldzera, is leaving MiBR after IEM Chicago according to HLTV. Right now, we know that coldzera will possibly join FaZe Clan, although we don’t have confirmation.

Is the situation that bad?

When your best player requests to be benched, it means something really bad is going on. However, one doesn’t need to be a CS:GO expert analyst to tell that things don’t look well in MiBR. The best Brazilian CS:GO team has been struggling for more than a year to find their old form. Since the beginning of 2018, MiBR hasn’t won a single big event. Truly, they clinched two LAN events, but both of them were pretty small events with relatively weak competition.

Apart from solid results at Majors (three Semi-finals), MiBR’s showings in the past 18 months were quite disappointing. In comparison to their results in 2017 and 2016, their form in 2018 and 2019 is pretty weak. Accordingly, the Brazilians tried many things. They changed the roster, the brand and lastly, they replaced felps with LUCAS1. However, they still lack success. On top of all that, it seems like their best player, coldzera is leaving MiBR after IEM Chicago.

Coldzera possibly will join FaZe Clan

At the moment, we have two hints that coldzera is leaving MiBR before the Major. The first one is the Instagram post on coldzera’s profile that he posted after rumors about his departure started spreading. His sad picture was followed by a motivational description. There wouldn’t be anything unusual about it as we can see these kinds of posts every day.

However, the comment of FaZe’s player, NiKo is what intrigues us. NiKo commented on coldzera’s post “#FaZeUp” and coldzera replied with eyes emoji. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but maybe it means that coldzera is looking forward to playing together with NiKo in FaZe. Remember that before rumors started, Thorin said that NiKo now can play with coldzera. Although it was sort of provocation, it can easily turn out to be a possibility in the future. Notice that FaZe is known as dream team full of CS:GO stars. As coldzera is one of the best players ever, they will definitely be interested in him.

Ironically, in a complete different esports title, Call of Duty, a similar action happened between Skrapz of Red Reserve and ZooMaa of FaZe Clan. Right before suspicions of Skrpaz leaving Red Reserve surfaced, ZooMaa commented also on Skrapz’s Instagram with “#FaZeUP“. Perhaps this an organizational protocol for giving the community a heads up of what’s to come.

The second and perhaps the more reliable hint is HLTV’s sources. According to their news post, coldzera is likely to end his path in MiBR after IEM Chicago. It means that the best player of 2016 and 2017 will not attend the Major with MiBR. Therefore, he has two events to try to help his team to improve results. He will compete at BLAST Pro Los Angeles and IEM Chicago. These can easily be the two last events for coldzera in MiBR’s jersey.

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