Cocky? Gla1ve Dabs As Astralis Beats Team Liquid.

Cocky Gla1ve Dabs As Astralis Beats Team Liquid.

Astralis is unbeatable once again after the Blast Pro series, and gla1ve knows this as he gets a little cocky in front of the cameras for some dabs.

Blast Pro Series – Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Counter Strike Blast Pro Series in Sao Paulo wrapped up, with Astralis beating Team Liquid in the finals 2-1. The tournament saw some of the best teams in the world compete. Faze Clan, Team Liquid and MiBr showed up. It was looking like Astralis would get some fierce competition. With the way Astralis ended 2018 in dominance, teams were looking to bring more heat towards Astralis for 2019.

As the tournament started. Astralis started to beat teams one by one, showing that their dominant performance in 2018 was going to carry over in 2019. Being one of the hottest teams in esports, all eyes are on them. And to continue to perform under the spotlights with all eyes watching, it’s quite impressive how strong Astralis really is. Astralis faced Team Liquid in the standings rounds, TL was suppose to give Astralis their best test. However, Team Liquid fell short and lost once again to the almighty team from Denmark.

Sao Paulo Blast Pro Series Finals

Both Astralis and Team Liquid found their way to the finals. TL was looking to get their revenge as the prior game they had was a close one. Although Team Liquid managed to get one round win, it was best out of 3 matches and Astralis made a stamp in the tournament by going undefeated beating TL 2-1.

Are some Astralis players getting a little cocky now, considering that they’ve beaten some of the top teams at the tournament? Well, one camera saw some Gla1ve dabs.

Gla1ve dabs Hard

As Stewie2K was seen in distress sitting back after a close game, someone else was celebrating and in good form. Viewers saw the gla1ve dabs as the camera was zoomed in on him. He was celebrating the round win against Team Liquid and wanted to make sure viewers knew that gla1ve and Astralis were in a good spot to secure another title win. As gla1ve was dabbing, the chatbox started going off, with people responding to “LOL dabs” and others using emotes to call out gla1ve dabs.

Gla1ve Dabs Astralis Team Liquid Blast Pro Series

The question is; when you’re on top of the game is it alright to be cocky? In Astralis’ situation, 100%. They work hard, they’ve committed to CS:GO esports like no other team by even getting trash talk lesson with Dr Disrespect. When you’ve earned your strips as Astralis did, they can act to a certain degree of cockiness, and dabbing is just a gesture of celebration. This is rightfully so after a great performance. Gla1ve can keep dabbing as everything is going Astralis’ way.

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