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Bravado Gaming UNCOVERED

Great performance in DreamHack Winter 2018

The South African team is having a good run in the tournament in Sweden. Not many CS: GO fans expected such good performance from Bravado in DreamHack Winter 2018. However, they are unbeaten at the moment. It’s not like they played against weak or not so famous teams.


First, they beat OpTic in the very close match on Dust 2. The result was 16-14 and the final round was incredibly tense. OpTic got the first kill and at the end, only two men left. JUGi from OpTic and Sonic from Bravado. It was like a movie scene. JUGi was behind the car near A site, and Sonic was approaching him from CT base, but there was smoke grenade between them so they couldn’t see each other. When smoke disappeared, Sonic was faster and more precise. Bravado booked first win.

Bravado Gaming UNCOVERED Esports Team Clan Professional Gaming CSGO Counter Strike

They were underdogs against G2, too. And it indeed seemed like G2 was going to win the match after first 18 rounds. After five consecutive wins, the French team was leading 12-6. Anyway, Bravado lost only one match until the end. Dimitri “Detrony” Hadjipaschali led his team to the win with 25 kills and two assists.

His performance is estimated at very solid 1.38. I will speak more about this man later. Bravado is waiting for the next opponent that will be determined after today’s Decider match between CompLexity and x6Tence. Therefore, we can maybe watch the duel between two outsiders. Both Bravado and x6Tence came to DreamHack Winter through qualifications. However, it will be interesting to see how far the South African team can advance.

The first offline tournament after moving to NA

Namely, this is the first LAN event Bravado take part in after they moved to NA. To be more precise this is the first tournament they qualified for from NA. They actually played World Electronic Sports Games 2017 this year, but I will talk about it later. First, let’s move all the way to the beginning. 


Actually, this is not Bravado’s first participation in DreamHack Winter Major. Four years ago they played their first tournament in Jönköping. In that time DreamHack was considered to be a Premier and it had a bigger prize pool that was $250.000. Also, Premiers in that time had invitations, so Bravado was one of two teams which arrived in Sweden due to an invitation. Bravado had a pretty bad performance, winning just three rounds in two matches.

Admittedly, they played against top teams Fnatic and C9, so they couldn’t regret anything. After that event, Detrony’s brother Andreas “cent” Hadjipaschal decided to leave the team. It had a huge impact on Detrony considering that these two learned to play CS together. Bravado won second place in following Minor Orena Logitech Invitational. They showed that they would dominate in South Africa in the next three years.


They started well that year, winning Corsair CS: GO Championships – Electronic & Gaming Expo 2015 in domestic country. Also, they succeeded to qualify for Electronic Sports World Cup 2015 by winning ESWC 2015 – South African Qualifier. It was really tough to do that considering they had to play knock-out stage. They defeated their biggest rival eNergy eSports in the final with final result 3-2. Electronic Sports World Cup 2015 was really valuable tournament back then. It was considered to be Premier tournament. Detrony and his team went to Montreal, Canada, to compete with some of the best teams in the world.

Unfortunately, they performed really bad again. South African team was crushingly defeated by Envy, CLG, and RNG. Bravado lost another member after this tournament. Robby “bLacKpoisoN” Da Loca decided to leave and to find success in Europe. That was both bad and beneficial. Bravado lost a good player, but they got young and perspective Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek. The same guy who saved Bravado from playing Overtime in the last match. Not long after that, Ruan “ELUSIVE” van Wyk joined the club. Bravado won two Minors to the end of the season, both in South Africa.

Bravado Gaming UNCOVERED Esports Team Clan Professional Gaming CSGO Counter Strike League
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Bravado qualified for ESEA Season 22 Global Challenge LAN, as well as WESG South & East Africa Qualifier. They had a problem to get a visa for Poland, so they choose to play WESG South & East Africa Qualifier and they won it. They did so great in World Electronic Sports Games 2016 the Middle East & Africa Finals event but they lost in finals against Space Soldiers. At home, Detrony and his companions were almost unbeatable, they won nine tournaments.
They mostly played against CarboN eSports in finals. However, outside South Africa, they were so bad. In eSports World Convention 2016 in Paris, they won the first game outside the home, but it wasn’t enough to reach the Knock-Out stage. They finished at the 17-24th place.

Bravado started the season winning the 5-6th place in ESEA S23: Global Challenge, as well as the 13-16th place in World Electronic Sports Games 2016 in China. That was a significant improvement in comparison to previous seasons. Anyway, it wasn’t the most important thing. Bravado got more than a couple thousand dollars. They visited the USA for the first time in their life. That was the crucial moment for their decision to move to NA.

Of course they couldn’t move to NA without ESEA calling them to join Main Division in NA. Bravado again was the dominant team in the home country. That was the year when T.C decided to join them as coach. T.C previously left Bravado’s biggest rival eNergy eSports. T.C was studying Medicine, so he wanted to graduate. After that, he joined the Bravado.


After moving to NA, the South African team really struggled to get to the main event. They played World Electronic Sports Games 2017 in China and became the first South African team which passed the Group Stage. Truly, they achieved that thanks to Viva Algeria and Team Ukraine that forfeited before even starting tournament. Bravado convincingly lost their only game against Team EnVy. In Group Stage 2 they lost all their games easily.

To the end of the year, they had various results. The most important results, for them, was winning two DreamHack Winter 2018 Qualifier tournaments. Consequently, we have a chance to watch them in the main event after a long time. It turned out that moving to NA was a good decision for Bravado. Fans are eager to see what Bravado will do in the next match.


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