Big changes at G2 Esports + Update on ESL Pro League


Big changes at G2 Esports + Update on ESL Pro League.

G2 Esports have benched SmithZz and Ex6TenZ

Considering that G2 Esports didn’t have the results they wanted last season, something needed to be changed. The best result of G2 Esports this season was 2nd place in a major event; Esport Championship Series Season 5 Europe.

In the following tournament, ECL Series Season 5 -Finals, G2 Esports took 5th-6th place. It’s not bad, but the problem is that for a highly rated team such as G2 Esports that result is not acceptable. Maybe a shake-up in the roster is needed? Although there is nothing unusual about roster changes, we have two different reactions on that.

Yesterday it was announced by G2 Esport that SmithZz and Ex6TenZ will not play for G2 Esports anymore. At least, they will not play for G2 Esports until next competition. The reasons for benching one of the players are clear, but G2 Esports fans seem to be conflicted why the other player is benched.

SmithZz couldn’t get back in top form

He was a G2 Esports’s coach during 2017 and in the beginning of 2018. Before he started coaching, he was one of the best AWP players. SmithZz had a lot of success as a player in the period from 2014 to 2016. He won 8 Premier tournaments with different teams.

Edouard played for Team LDLC, Team EnVyUs and of course for G2 Esports. He also won The World Championships back in 2015, playing under the French flag. Former AWPer made decent results as a coach as well. He managed to win 2 Premier tournaments, as well as one Major tournament.

SmithZz Playing in Esports Tournament Counter Strike CSGO
Image courtesy of YouTube

After being a couch and having quite a bit of success in that position, SmithZz said that he wants to play again as a player. This time he started playing as a support role. As he said, he had a lot of problems while trying to find his old form.

He said that he struggled to use to new positions and roles. Because of all these problems, Edouard “SmithZz” Dubourdeax didn’t enjoy playing as a player as he once did. He accepted the decision to be benched.

His last tournament with G2 Esports will be the following Premier in Odense, Denmark. SmithZz said that he is going to rest, and afterward, he will try to find a way to stay in esports. For now, Edouard is going to spend more time streaming. You can find the full statement on his Twitter account:

Ex6TenZ was furious about G2 Esports’s decision

Unlike his teammate, 28-years old Kevin Droolans was so angry about this decision. He is considered to be one of the best leaders in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His leadership skills are very well known, and that’s why G2 Esports wanted Ex6TenZ to join the team.

As he said on his Twitter account, he was aware of the bad results. However, Ex6TenZ is very confident about his skills, especially when it comes to leadership. He is very happy about his form in the last 2 months. So it never occurred to him that he is going to be out of the team.

Kevin Ex6TenZ Droolans G2 Esports Pro Team Professional Gamer
Image courtesy of G2 Esports YouTube


In Kevin’s opinion, good leadership requires time. According to his words, there is nothing clever with hiring someone to do a job and then benching him. The solution to this problem was just one single roster move, as he said.

G2 Esports gave him a choice, Ex6TenZ could choose to stay, but he had to leave the leading role to the shox. Also, he has been offered to change positions with Lucky and Jackz, which he finds to be complete nonsense. According to his statement on Twitter, there is no point in moving Lucky and Jacky from their main positions. He thought that it is unfair to take over bodyy’s position because he was good at it.

Kevin Droolans concluded that personal profit is behind everything. Whatever the reason is, the situation has left confusion among G2 Esports’s fans.

New faces in the line-up

Logically, when someone leaves the roster, someone else needs to fulfill that role. The choice fell on 3DXMAX players – JaCkz and Lucky. These are freshmen in comparison with SmithZz and Ex6TenZ. They don’t have experience in playing big tournaments, but both of them played very solid in their team.

JACKZ CSGO Counter Strike Esports pro gamer professional

Both of them were very happy to join a big team such as G2 Esports. Audric JaCkz Jug said that he is very proud to be part of a new team. Lucas Lucky Chastang thanked his former team, and he wished them all the best. G2 Esports fans are eagerly waiting to see these two in action.

Lucas Lucky Chastang Esports Professional Gamer Pro G2 Esports
Image courtesy of Lucky’s Twitter page
Update on ESL Pro League

There is not so much time left to following Premier tournament. The ESL Pro League starts on 4th December and prize pool is $750.000 USD. It is one of the biggest tournaments in December.

Groups have been determined recently, so we have a better picture of who is going to play against who.

In group A are Astralis, ViCi Gaming, Renegades, HellRaisers, Team Liquid, G2 Esports, INTZ eSports and BIG. In group B are MIBR, Sharks Esports, NRG Esports,  North, Ghost Gaming, mousesports,  Natus Vincere and ORDER. 

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