AWP Gets Stuck In Weird Position And Saves Flusha

AWP Gets Stuck In Weird Position And Saves Flusha

Bombs and weapons getting stuck and dropping outside players’ reach have always been the problem in CS:GO. However, it’s nothing in comparison to what happened during kioShiMa’s stream when an AWP got stuck in a weird position and saved flusha in a ridiculous way.

Weapons piercing the edges of the map

Since the very beginning, CS:GO had a problem with weapons piercing through map textures and getting stuck. Sometimes, the weapons would even go beyond the reach of the players, so they would become irretrievable. Since players can change weapons with other weapons, this is not the biggest issue, although it is a huge one. The biggest problem, however, is when C4 happens to be in a position of those guns. If T-side lost their bomb due to this kind of glitch where the bomb gets stuck in or below a maps texture, they have to go for elimination win, which is so hard at the pro level.

Moreover, this is something that indeed happens, although rarely, in official matches. As Ts can’t plant the bomb, they have to eliminate all CTs, which is an option, but never a goal for any professional team on T-side. The goal is always to occupy bombsite, plant the bomb and then defend it until explodes. Hence, this major issue must be concerning for Valve.

Ridiculous save by AWP that got stuck

Despite the fact that weapons getting stuck in the map is a problem, sometimes it can be really funny and absurd. That’s what happened during kioShiMa‘s last stream when he played the game on FACEIT with other pro players.

His team was attacking B site on Dust 2 but didn’t have much success. After all trades, Lucky from G2 stayed in 1v4 situation which was unwinnable for him. On top of that, the opposite team had small help caused by the game glitch.

Flusha eliminated davidp who had AWP in his hands. So, when he died, the AWP flew away and got stuck in a weird position. When Lucky tried to take down flusha, instead of CS:GO legend, the bullets were hitting the AWP. So, basically, AWP that got stuck in weird position saved flusha. Otherwise, if there was no AWP, Lucky would definitely take down the Swedish player.

Moreover, this is not the first time that we see weapons saving players. It’s rare, but it happens, even in official matches. Alongside randomness, broken hitboxes, and other difficulties, it must be really annoying for CS:GO players to fight this kind of problem as well.

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