AVANGAR Win DreamHack Rio de Janeiro

AVANGAR Clinch the DreamHack Rio de Janeiro
source: Avangar

The first DreamHack event ended with AVANGAR securing their third title this year. After topping the group, AVANGAR defeated both Valiance and FURIA with the same score – 2-1. They clinched the DreamHack Rio de Janeiro trophy and $50,000 US Dollars.

AVANGAR topped Group A

AVANGAR came to this event after decent results at the beginning of the year. Therefore, they were front runners in the Brazilian biggest city. The team played a tough and exciting match in the initial round. They faced eUnited who played the LAN event for the first time since they signed the majority of Swole Patrol squad.

The match took place on Inferno. Neither team managed to accomplish a big advantage as the other team always caught up quickly. So, the game went into Overtime, not once but three times. In the end, AVANGAR prevailed to win the initial round.

AVANGAR DreamHack Rio de Janeiro Esports HLTV
source: HLTV

Afterward, they faced INTZ in another Best-of-1 match. INTZ and AVANGAR met each other on Mirage to decide the winner of Group A. The Brazilian team fell behind after the first half (10-5) and the comeback was a long shot for them. Hence, AVANGAR conceded only three rounds up to the end to set the final score on 16-8 and secure a spot in Play-off of DH Rio de Janeiro.

They were joined by FURIA who successfully came back after losing the opening match against INTZ. Firstly, they defeated eUnited relatively easily (16-13, 16-8), and then got revenge against INTZ after dismantling them on Nuke (16-3) and Train (16-4). In the Group Stage of DH Rio de Janeiro, as well as in Play-off, FURIA proved they are rising team.

Sharks Esports won the Group B

We suppose that “B” here stands for Brazil as the only non-Brazilian team in Group B was Valiance. Alongside this European team, Group B featured Sharks, W7M Gaming, and Redemption POA. Sharks defeated Redemption POA on Train with score 16-9. Their player RCF had a big impact on the game with 25 frags, 8 assists, and 111 ADR.

Then, Sharks faced Valiance who defeated W7M 16-13 in the first round. The game again took place on Train, and Sharks quickly accomplished the huge advantage. The result was 10-5 on the half-time. Six rounds later, Sharks were leading 14-7. However, Valiance didn’t give up. So they went on a 5 rounds streak, but it was insufficient for them to complete a comeback.

Sharks Esports DreamHack Rio de Janeiro Esports HLTV
Source: HLTV

The European team successfully planted the bomb in the last two rounds but Sharks managed to defuse it both times. As a result, Sharks finished on top of Group B, and Valiance had to play against W7M Gaming one more time in order to advance further.

During map selection, W7M picked Inferno and Valiance chose Nuke, Mirage was eventually the map of decision. Nevertheless, we didn’t watch two teams on Mirage as Valiance secured both maps in a convincing manner. The result on Inferno was 16-7, and Nuke ended with score 16-8 in Valiance’s favor.

A debut of Vertigo on the big stage

The most interesting match of DreamHack Rio de Janeiro was definitely the Semi-final match between Sharks and FURIA, not primarily because of the quality or excitement, but because of the Vertigo’s debut on the big stage. Although there was a possibility that FURIA and INTZ could play Vertigo as the map of the decision in Decider of Group A, it didn’t happen considering that FURIA beat INTZ after two maps.

Nevertheless, we basically saw what was expected. Indeed, there were some new grenades throws as well as some fancy boost spots, but strats were pretty simple and expected. According to the first match on Vertigo, it seems like it really favors the CT side.

In the first leg, FURIA secured Inferno with 16-13 scoreline. So, teams then moved to Vertigo. FURIA kicked off on the CT side and quickly set the score on 9-0. Sharks managed to win four rounds until side switch. At the beginning of the second half, FURIA won the pistol and second round.

Then, VINI from FURIA pulled out phenomenal 1v4 clutch after flanking the opponent’s team and denying defuse. So, FURIA made it to the Grand Final of DreamHack Rio de Janeiro.

In the other Semi-final, AVANGAR won two very tight legs on Train and Dust 2. Valiance almost embarrassed AVANGAR on Inferno where they were leading 14-1 on half-time. AVANGAR didn’t give up on Inferno but their effort was in vain. Still, they booked a meeting with FURIA later on Dust 2, as we said.

Intense Final

A crowd in Parque Olímpico could watch a fantastic Grand Final, full of upsides and downs and comebacks. Unfortunately for the domestic crowd, AVANGAR prevailed in the end.

The first map was Vertigo. Considering that Vertigo was again FURIA’s choice, it seems like they practiced a lot on the new map recently. Their hard work paid off as they crushed AVANGAR on Vertigo. The game again was CT sided. FURIA kicked off the final on CT side and clinched the first half with score 13-2. After teams switched sides, AVANGAR didn’t win a single round.

Both teams then moved to Inferno where AVANGAR was a dominant team, especially in the second half. Therefore, Jame and co. secured their pick with scoreline 16-8. The map of the decision was Train, and it was an intense game. The crowd made the electrifying atmosphere as they rooted for FURIA loudly. They had many reasons to celebrate at half-time given that it finished with score 10-5 in FURIA’s favor.


Nevertheless, AVANGAR came back, and the Final eventually went into Overtime. There, AVANGAR was the better team and they won the match 19-16 to clinch DreamHack Rio de Janeiro. Their captain, Jame, claimed an MVP award.

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