Astralis Is Ready To Play On The New CS:GO Map Vertigo

Astralis Is Ready To Play On The New CSGO Map Vertigo

When Vertigo became a part of Active Map Pool Duty, everyone was wondering if Astralis was going to play it. However, in the BLAST Pro Series Backstage show, it was revealed that Astralis is ready to play on Vertigo.

Danes have a new map in their map pool

When Vertigo joined other maps in Active Map Pool Duty, it meant that teams who liked to play Cache had to learn a new map. Therefore, teams such as Team Liquid, BIG, and others didn’t like new update so much as they used to play Cache a lot. On the other side, a new update favored the best team in the world as Cache was their permanent ban. Hence, Astralis will not have to ban Cache anymore, but it’s questionable if they are willing to play Vertigo.

Some experts thought Astralis was just going to keep banning Vertigo instead of Cache. But it seems like they were wrong. In the last BLAST Pro Series Backstage episode, the Danes revealed they studied the new map. Therefore, Astralis is ready to play on Vertigo if they have to. But, does it mean they are going to add Vertigo to their broad Map Pool? Let’s see how they picked their maps for the following BLAST Pro event in Madrid.

Astralis almost had to play Vertigo

In four map selections, Astralis banned Vertigo only against Cloud9. Two times, their opponents were those who banned new map. Interestingly, in the map selection versus Natus Vincere, Astralis was ready to play Vertigo as they let NaVi choose between Dust 2 and Vertigo. Although NaVi banned Vertigo, it was possible to see a match between two giants on the new map. Hence, Astralis would rather play Vertigo than some other maps.

In the last BLAST Pro Series Backstage episode, they also revealed they already played one game against Vega. According to their words, the Danes dismantled Vega easily. Thus, Astralis is absolutely ready to play on Vertigo.

Also, the three times Major champions had to tell if they would pick Vertigo in Grand Final. They didn’t say they would undoubtedly do that, but they didn’t deny that possibility either. They stated that it depends on their opponent. On top of that, if their opponent spends a veto on banning Vertigo, then the Danes can choose Nuke or Inferno where they are unstoppable.

It’s interesting that Astralis is okay with playing Vertigo as Vertigo is not tactically a demanding map. On the contrary, it’s more about quick and lethal exceptions and Astralis usually want to play carefully and slowly. Nevertheless, Vertigo is similar to Nuke in terms of verticality, so it’s possible that Astralis has some new strats. All in all, their opponents are going to have a much harder job to accomplish after the new update.

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