Astralis keep winning, MIBR crushed Shark Esports – ESL Pro League

Astralis keep winning, MIBR crushed Shark Esports - ESL Pro League

Astralis keep winning, MIBR crushed Shark Esports – ESL Pro League

The best teams in the world gathered yesterday in Odense. They are currently playing one of the greatest CS:GO tournaments, the ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals. The favorite team to win this event is domestic team Astralis. They have had an amazing season and now have an opportunity to win $1.000.000 bonus for completing Intel Grand Slam. That would be the first time in the history of CS:GO. The prize pool of this Premier is $750.000 USD. Two rounds have already been played, so let’s check out the results and matches.

TeamLiquid vs Atralis for Semi-finals

We are going to watch another clash of Titans between TeamLiquid and Astralis. North American team confronted Astralis so many times this season, but they barely managed to win one map. It’s really sad that Liquid didn’t win any big event considering their good form. However, they won DreamHack Winter a couple of days ago, so they came to this competition full of confidence.

Also, according to their words, winning DreamHack took some of the pressure off of their shoulders. In addition to that, Team Liquid started were off to a good start in the ESL Pro League. They defeated G2 Esports in the first round 16-8. After winning five opening rounds the French team won just another three to the end of the match. In the second round, Liquid beat German BIG by winning both legs with the same score. BIG couldn’t do anything against Liquid on Inferno and Dust 2, so they lost both legs 16-6.

Astralis played pretty solid in the initial round. The domestic team defeated ViCi Gaming 16-8. Dev1ce and Xyp9x performed pretty well ending the match with similar scores (27/3/13 – dev1ce, 26/6/14 – Xyp9x).

HellRaisers almost bested the best team in the world. The team that took 4th place in SuperNova Malta won the first leg against Astralis. CS:GO number one was an inferior team on Mirage. They lost with final score 16-8. HellRaisers was close to winning the second leg, but Astralis prevailed. Gla1ve and company had a psychological advantage, so they were furious in the final leg. They let HR win only four rounds. The final score was 2-1(8-16, 16-13, 16-4). We have a chance to see another duel between the two big rivals. The better team will play in the Semi-finals, and the losing team will play in the Quarters.

Renegades is waiting for an opponent

Both groups are separated on upper and lower brackets. In the beginning, they are all placed in the upper bracket. Once the team loses, they are moved to a lower bracket. So the losing teams have the opportunity to advance to Play-off in a kind of easier way. But if the team lose a game, they can only compete for third place. That means it the team is going to have a tougher opponent in Play-offs.

Renegades lost their first match against HellRaisers with the final score 16-5. According to rules, they have been moved to the lower bracket. The Australian team faced ViCi in the first round in lower bracket. Renegades defeated ViCi 2-0(16-12, 16-9). Their next opponent was a team that lost against Team Liquid – BIG. Renegades was better on Cache and Train(16-5, 16-7), and BIG won Overpass(16-14) but it was insufficient for continuing the competition. The Australian team is waiting for the winner of the match between G2 and HellRaisers. The best from these three teams will play Quarter-finals.

On another side, we saw a very interesting battle between G2 and INTZ. By the way, INTZ lost an initial round against BIG. In this match, G2 started well by winning Overpass (16-6), but INTZ punched back on Mirage (16-8). At the end G2 wasted three match points so the match went into Overtime. The French team were able to control their nerves and win the match(22-18) in Overtime.

Natus Vincere failed to reach upper bracket final round

In group B we saw one crushing defeat. Sharks won pistol round in initial round against MiBR. However, that wasn’t an omen of upset, but just an alert for MiBR to wake up. Sharks managed to win just one more round. The ending score was 16-2. In the second round, the Brazilian team faced a strong opponent. NRG was so close to winning this match and securing a place in Play-Off. After two legs, the score was drawn. The last leg went into Overtime. As I said MiBR was so close to dropping out of the upper bracket. NRG had three match points, but they failed to convert them into a win. Brazilians were a better team in Overtime, so they secured Play-off.

Natus Vincere NRG Esports ESL Pro League CSGO Counter Strike Gaming
Image courtesy of ESL Pro League Twitter Page

Mousesports was a dominant squad on another side of Group B. Firstly, they beat Ghost Gaming 16-5. Afterward, they convincingly defeated the second team in the world – Natus Vincere. The team from east Europe couldn’t do anything on Nuke and Train (16-6, 16-4), so they have to fight for a play-off spot in the lower bracket. Mousesports is going to play versus MiBR for Semi-finals.


Sharks and Ghost performed great in the lower bracket

Everyone expected easy wins for North and ORDER, but Sharks and Ghost advanced instead. North lost their first game against NRG(16-13) and now they are out of the tournament after another defeat vs Sharks(16-4, 16-7). It is going to be very hard for Sharks to upset another big team considering they will play Natus Vincere. On another side, Ghost beat ORDER on Cache and Train(16-5, 16-14) and now they are going to face NRG.

North ORDER Sharks Ghost Esports ESL Pro League CSGO Counter Strike Gaming
Image courtesy of ESL Pro League Twitter

Six teams are out of the tournament: ViCi, INTZ, BIG, HR, ORDER, and North.

More to come.

Video of Astralis Journey In FACEIT MAJOR 2018 (CS:GO):

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