Astralis is Still TeamLiquid’s Nightmare – Mousesports is in Semi-final

Astralis is Still TeamLiquid's Nightmare - Mousesports is in Semi-final Esports ESL Pro League

Astralis is Still Team Liquid’s Nightmare – Mousesports is in Semi-final

At the start of ESL Pro League Finals, we’ve seen some amazing matches and upsets in Odense. Only the best six teams managed to reach Knock-Out Stage. The biggest surprise among them is Renegades defeating some strong opponents like BIG and G2 Esports. In another group, we saw Natus Vincere dropping from upper bracket, but they succeed to prevail in the lower bracket and to advance to Quarters.  Fans had an opportunity to watch another duel between domestic Astralis Esports and perhaps their greatest rival Team Liquid. On another side, we saw the fight between Brazilian MiBR and European Mousesports. Let’s check out the results and which matches are upcoming.

ESL Pro League CSGO Playoff Bracket Season 8 Finals Esports Counter Strike

Astralis is the master of Nuke

The most awaited match was surely the one between Astralis Esports and Team Liquid. These two teams met each other so many times last season, and the Danish team was dominant side in those clashes. It was pretty the same this time as well. The North American team started the first leg pretty solid, they won the first three rounds, but they failed to maintain the lead. Astralis Esports won almost all rounds at half-time. In the 12th round, dupreeh helped his team to win the round with quad-kill. After switching sides, Liquid again played good in the beginning. They won four rounds. However, nitr0 and his teammates won only another two rounds towards the end.

Teams then moved from Inferno to Nuke, and everyone knows how powerful Astralis is on that map. They demonstrated that again. Astralis was leading 9-6 before side switch. Then dupreeh again showed his skills by taking down three opponents in pistol round. The domestic team was furious to the end. They allowed Liquid to win only two more rounds. So Astralis continued their 27-win streak on Nuke. Also, this was the 33rd Astralis’ win against Liquid in their 45th meeting.

MiBR was stronger than Mouseesports

In the upper bracket of Group B, we also saw the duel between two top teams. MiBR confronted mouseesports. The main prize was the place in Semi-final. The first leg took place on Train. After 10 rounds, Brazilians were leading 7-3. In the 11th round, STYKO from Mousesports performed quad-kill which was sufficient to win the round. Instead quad-kill being good inspiration for Mousesports, they failed to win following six rounds. So MiBR was so close to the win and it seemed to be an easy victory for them. But the European team did something amazing and won eight consecutive rounds. They were so close to an unbelievable comeback, but MiBR didn’t allow them to get back into the match. The first leg finished with score 16-14.

In the second leg, Brazilians didn’t give a chance to chrisJ and company to catch the score. MiBR was so strong on Inferno. A wondrous fact is that only 7 out 24 rounds have been won by Terrorists. And it is well-known that Inferno favors Terrorist side more. After winning pistol round, Mousesports managed to win just another two rounds to the end of half-time. They succeed to win opening three rounds in the second half, but MiBR didn’t let them catch them again. The last four rounds were won by Brazilians.

Renegades was stronger than G2, Natus Vincere secured the Quarters

After Renegades successfully dealt with BIG, they had to beat another tough competitor. Although G2 was shaken by recent changes, they are still a strong team. The French team took advantage over Renegades in the first leg. They were a better team on Overpass. But that was an alarm for Australians to wake up and play better, which they did. The second leg took place on Train. Jks performed really well there. He had 29 kills and 6 assists. His performance was estimated at 1.63. He was even better in the final leg on Cache. The final leg was even to the half-time. Afterward, Australian team crushed G2. Only one round was won by Frenchmen. This was the first time that Renegades won versus G2. But still G2 lead 3-2 in their H2H score.

In another group, we saw Natus Vincere struggling with one of the outsiders. Ghost Gaming did everything to defeat one of the favorites for a trophy, but it wasn’t sufficient. Ghost won the first leg and managed to enter the second leg in Overtime. They threw everything they got on Natus Vincere, but the European team survived. They used the momentum they had and won “easily” the final leg. The final score was 2-1(11-16, 19-16, 16-8).

Astralis vs mousesports, MiBR vs Liquid

We also know the results of Quarters. It looked like Renegades will make an upset after a convincing first-leg win(16-4). However, mousesports didn’t allow that considering they won next two legs(16-14, 16-9). The second one was pretty close. Renegades was leading 14-11, but mousesports prevailed and used psychological advantage in the final leg.

Astralis is Still TeamLiquid's Nightmare - Mousesports is in Semi-final Esports ESL Pro League Game
Image courtesy of ESL Pro Twitter

Another duel was a bit less interesting. Team Liquid crushed Natus Vincere in Quarters. The final result was 2-0(16-4, 16-6).

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