Astralis Enters The Intel Grand Slam Race With IEM Beijing Win Over 100 Thieves

Astralis Enters The Intel Grand Slam Race With IEM Beijing Win Over 100 Thieves

Just two months after winning the StarLadder Major in Berlin, Astralis won another title at IEM Beijing. The victory brings their 2019 trophy count to four, with this win being their first for another Grand slam bid. They ran through the entire tournament without losing a single map in the nine they played. Astralis seemed more like the Astralis that put a chokehold on the entire CS:GO scene from last year. They play with trust and confidence in each other. On top of that, they prepare the best strategies depending on their opponents and they definitely make the smartest decisions on the fly. With Team Liquid slumping and FaZe Clan not meshing enough yet, Astralis might just finish the year back on top.

On the other hand, 100 Thieves definitely played far above expectations, beating the rising Team Vitality in the semis. The former Renegades lineup seemed reinvigorated by their new environment, winning two Bo3’s against ENCE Esports. In the semis, they pulled together after Vitality destroyed them on Mirage 16-8. They won a close one in Nuke before finally hitting their groove, as they blew their French rivals out of the tournament on Nuke 16-2.

Almost to perfection

Astralis came into the tournament off a poor showing in front of their home crowd in Copenhagen. Looking to bounce back, they wasted no opportunities in Beijing, winning four maps in groups to auto-qualify to semis. Against FaZe Clan, they won the first map, Dust 2, in a perfect 16-0 demolition. The next map didn’t look any better, with FaZe managing to win just two rounds. In the finals, Astralis almost lost the first map, Vertigo. Despite winning all their Vertigo games in the last three months, the Aussies are hoping to throw off the Danes. After all, they admitted to hating it. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s Vertigo, for crying out loud. *cough* bring back cobblestone please *cough*

Kidding aside, Astralis handled the situation perfectly, winning the map 16-14. In the next map, Astralis showed just how polished they are as they won convincingly 16-5. The Danes simply didn’t leave anything up to chance and displayed a master class on flawless execution. They took and defended sites like clockwork, knowing which angles to prepare for and having the skills to win duels at the same time. On the final map, Astralis simply destroyed their competition, winning 16-3 on Train.

Astralis will return to the servers for the ECS Finals on November 28th. Stay tuned for more Counter-Strike content.

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