Aristocracy Experiences the Caster Curse [CS:GO]

What is the Caster Curse Aristocracy Experiences it [CSGO]

The “caster curse” has been part of both sports and esports since they appeared. It’s always funny to see when it happens but this time, the caster curse hit Aristocracy hard. It happened almost immediately.

What is the caster curse?

Although a “caster curse” is not a real thing, it is amazing how frequently it occurs. Namely, a caster curse is a term that we use to describe a moment when something that is opposite to what the caster said happens. For example, the caster says that one player is playing so well today, and then he immediately blunders. Or one team has a big advantage and caster says the game is over, but the other team then makes a comeback. There is a number of such examples.

Of course, when it happens, it immediately occurs to us that caster curse really exists. However, the thing is that we don’t notice when it doesn’t happen. In the majority of cases, the team with the big advantage indeed wins the game in the end, and caster’s words prove to be correct. Anyhow, our brain doesn’t record that but does notice when the opposite happens. Therefore, some people think that caster curse is a real thing.

Caster curse hit Aristocracy hard

Despite the caster curse being a fictional thing, we can say that it really hit the Polish squad, Aristocracy, in their last match against OpTic Gaming at EPL Season 9 Qualifier. After losing the first game against HellRaisers 2-0, Aristocracy met OpTic Gaming in the second round.

The game kicked off on Mirage and Aristocracy managed to come back after being seven rounds down. They took the game to Overtime two times. In the fifth round of the second Overtime, one of the casters wanted to give credit to the underdog squad (Aristocracy) for their composed game.

He said that Aristocracy were playing composed, and they were not peeking too often. He didn’t manage to finish the sentence and one of Aristocracy players decided to peek apartments on B site. Unfortunately for both caster and Aristocracy, Snappi from OpTic Gaming was waiting for eventual peek. As a result, he took down MINISE from Aristocracy and caster curse hit them hard.

The caster couldn’t believe that he jinxed Aristocracy and that the opposite of what he said happened. Later on, the Polish squad lost that round but won the first map. The teams then moved to Nuke where Aristocracy had a much easier job as they beat OpTic Gaming 16-11 to secure the first triumph in EPL Season 9 Qualifier Group Stage Round 2.

Nonetheless, we still wonder if the caster curse is a real thing after thing, or, are we just overthinking the whole thing?

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