Analysis of CS:GO Danger Zone

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  • An Analysis of CS:GO Danger Zone shows that there are some adjustments needed in Valve’s battle royale game mode to make it more attractive for outside players. Here’s our views.

Analysis of CS:GO Danger Zone

Valve Game Developers was presenting hints about Danger Zone since June 2016. Several Battle Royale games were released and they bombarded the whole gaming space since. Battle Royale became the most popular game mode, and among Battle Royale games there was PUBG and Fortnite which crushed the field. CS:GO fans were eager to see the same mode in CS:GO, but there wasn’t one. Gamers were speculating about a release date, but Valve was delaying it for a long time.

Finally, they decided to release a big update which came with huge changes. Valve most likely was waiting for the right moment so they can compete with all the other Battle Royale games in the space. Many adjustments were made, including implementation of a survival mode called Danger Zone. It has been out for a while so we can define our opinion about CS:GO novelty.

Counter Strike CSGO equipment, money, and watch the skies for special deliveries.
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How much is Prime status valuable?

One of the big changes that occurred in CS:GO was a transition to Free-to-play game. That was another one of Valve’s move in order to attract more gamers. However, Valve gave an option of buying the so-called Prime status. At first glance, it is nothing special considering it gives you just a couple of privileges. For example, you can play only with players that have Prime status, and you can get souvenirs easier. It turned out to be a very useful thing.

The thing is that there are so many cheaters in the Standard game, so most of the time you cannot actually play the game because it is almost unplayable. That is not the case if you bought Prime status, and that’s the difference between Free-to-play CS:GO and Prime status CS:GO.

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Valve put an accent on the fight

Valve Game Developers apparently wanted to make a mode which is convenient for as much fight as possible. The game is just forcing you to clash with your opponents, more than in usual Battle Royale games. We can notice that in different aspects of the game. First of all, players have a tablet which shows them an approx position of other players. So basically you know where to find other players and they know where to find you. Then, players can order weapons and drones are delivering it to them.

Any guy on the map can see your drone and chase it in order to find you. So you always feel uncomfortable when you want to buy weapons because you know that someone can shoot you from behind in any moment. If a player has an upgraded tablet, he can even see the path of others’ drones, which makes easier for him to find his opponents.

Pistols Rifles, SMGs heavy weapons CSGO classic arsenal esports Solos Duos and Trios
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Another aspect of the game that invites players to fight is supply drops. All players can see the landing point of supply drop even before it land. In addition, those drops contain valuable weapons, and everyone wants to have them. Another thing is that refilling ammo is followed by relatively loud sound, as well as opening boxes. So, it is really uncomfortable to refill the ammo or open box knowing that if someone is nearby, he can easily hear you.

The game is somewhat short

This is the consequence of putting the accent on the fight, as well as not so big map and just 16 players. It doesn’t have to do with your skills and level of play. Simply, it is very hard to reach the late phase of the match. You can rarely get AWP or AK-47 and similar weapons. That makes this game pretty one-dimensional. This map has great potential, and it would be more interesting if the game were just a bit longer so you can get mentioned weapons more often. Therefore, it would be great if Valve expanded the map and number of players a little bit. Sixteen players is okay, but it would be much better with at least 25.

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Ways that Valve can make the game better

There are several tiny things that Valve didn’t do in the best way. For example, parachute and shotguns are quite useless. You can rarely see someone uses parachute because of a couple of reasons. First, you can use it for quick escape only in Lighthouse and Watchtower. In most of the other locations, the parachute is useless. Shotguns are also pretty bad weapons for this kind of mode, but we can’t have only top weapons, so it is understandable.

It would be nice if Valve added several interesting features. For example, binoculars would be a cool thing to see in Danger Zone. It really can make a difference when it comes to surviving. Also, it is a real shame that Valve didn’t enable players to crawl. That would be a really great novelty in CS:GO, and it would add a whole new dimension to the game.

Positive outcomes

Well, implementing such mode in CS:GO is already a great thing, but we will concentrate on tiny things again. For example, high grass and bushes are great things to notice in CS:GO, as well as open-world map that is done in great style. An option of planting C4 anywhere on the map is a really cool and useful thing. Also, Valve improved some things in the last several updates. For example, you don’t have to spend eternity to refill the ammo, which is a really great improvement.

The old way of refilling ammo was really annoying and dangerous. The same thing applies to all actions you could do by pressing the E button. They made everything faster and that was a good improvement.


Danger Zone is the great mode, and it definitely can compete with other Battle Royale games. However, there is still a lot of work to do, and Valve knows that. Many things can be improved and added. Therefore, Danger Zone has huge potential to become one of the best Survival modes ever.

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