AdreN is going to join FaZe, confirmed by Seizedwf?

AdreN Dauren Kystaubayev CSGO Gambit PGL ESL Counter Strike Free agent
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When Gambit eSports announced that they released AdreN, rumors started floating around about AdreN joining FaZe. Speculations became even stronger after the two Twitch streams where Denis seizedwf ” Kostin and AdreN himself talked about the possibility of former Gambit’s player joining FaZe. We will try to reveal the real truth in this article. 

Gambit Esports had a pretty bad year, and they are definitely glad that 2018 finished, t least from eSports perspective. Their poor form and catastrophic results caused many roster changes in 2018. There’s been around fifteen times Gambit made some kind of moves and transfers in their line-up. The Russian team also lacked continuity as rumors were spreading about possible chaos within the group. Therefore, Gambit Esports couldn’t expect any significant results.

Esports AdreN Dauren Kystaubayev CSGO Gambit PGL ESL Counter Strike
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AdreN didn’t manage to avoid purges in Gambit as well. After bad performances at DreamHack Masters Stockholm, FACEIT Major London, StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 6 and FACEIT Pro League Europe, Gambit Esports decided to bench their AWPer. However, that wasn’t the stopping point, as they brought the decision to release AdreN on December 1st, the Kazakhstan player became a free agent. In order to stay in sharp form, he joined small team K23 and actually won one Minor and one Qualifier. Ironically enough, he wasn’t even close to winning a single tournament in 2018 with Gambit.

FaZe has only four players at the moment 

If you look at FaZe’s squad, you will see four players. When karrigan went on loan to Team EnVy, FaZe was left with just four players. Apparently, you need five players for the game. Speculations started spreading. Somehow it’s the most logical transfer at the moment considering AdreN and karrigan play same position in the team.

To story became even more interesting when the two players / famous streamers commented on this topic. One video is AdreN’s former player seizedwf, and another one is AdreN himself. AdreN was streaming CS:GO Danger Zone and suddenly his game stopped working. So, he read a couple of questions and said that he cannot confirm he will join FaZe.

However, someone clipped seizedwf’s stream when he talked about his former teammate joining FaZe. That guy named the clip, “AdreN joined FaZe confirmed by seized”. If you check the Twitch account of the person who clipped this, you will see he speaks Russian. So, he surely understood what seizedwf said. Seizedwf spoke Russian so we cannot be sure whether he really confirmed such a thing. Nevertheless, it’s very clear that he is mentioning AdreN and FaZe in the same sentence. As well, people who speak Russian will recognize the Russian word for “Yes” which is “Da”. If we take all things into consideration, we can conclude that AdreN is really going to join FaZe.

AdreN would be good for FaZe

There is no need to tell it would be a completely new level in AdreN’s career given that gap between Gambit eSport and FaZe (with all respect to the Russian team) is really notable at the moment. Also, the Kazakhstan player can indeed help FaZe out. He played for many famous teams such as HellRaisers and Furthermore, he won many titles with Gambit. So he knows how to play under pressure.

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