5 CS:GO Weapons You Should Never Buy

5 CSGO Weapons You Should Never Buy

CS:GO has 35 different weapons in its’s weapon inventory. However, not all of them are useful, and not all of them are worth buying. Despite Valve’s effort to make all weapons valuable, there are still some CS:GO weapons you should never buy. 

5 CS:GO Weapons You Should Never Buy

1) R8 Revolver

Out of all the pistols CS:GO offers, the Revolver has been the least useful one. There is literally no reason to buy this pistol, except for fun. It has the fewest bullets among all weapons, excluding Zeus. Even CZ that is used so much and that has only 24 bullets has more than the Revolver.

CSGO R8 Revolver Inventory esports
Source: counterstrike.fandom.com / Valve

However, the number of bullets is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the way Revolver works. If you press left-click it will take decades to fire a shot. Kidding aside, the primary shot of Revolver has a delay, though it’s counted in milliseconds. However, having a delay on any shot in CS:GO is equal to suicide. Therefore, the Revolver’s primary shot is useless. On the other side, the Revolver’s secondary shot is useless as well since it can’t hit a target that is not just a few meters from you.

So, regardless of all damage that the R8 can deliver (and it’s a lot), its mechanics make this pistol unique, but useless. On top of that, if you decide to have R8 in your inventory, there will be no space for the Deagle. Apparently, there is no need to talk about how bad it is to have R8 in place of Deagle. It just makes the Revolver one of those CS:GO weapons you should never buy.

2) PP-Bizon
CSGO PP-Bizon Inventory esports
Source: counterstrike.fandom.com / Valve


Have you ever experienced the feeling when you inflicted 99 damage in 10 or 11 shots? If you have, you surely know how painful it is to see this in your console. Well, that’s kind of experience that you will get very often if you use PP-Bizon. No matter how many times you hit your opponent, he will still be alive. The damage that this gun inflicts on players is miserably low.

On top of that, it can’t even hit a target that is far from you properly. Surprisingly enough, it has shorter accurate range than any other SMG excluding P90. The only benefit you get from PP-Bizon is high fire rate. Nevertheless, that’s not a good compensation for all downsides of this weapon. Therefore, unless you want to have some fun in Casual matchups, PP-Bizon is one of CS:GO weapons you should never buy.

3) M249

This is one of those weapons that no one buys. Not even the players in matchmaking are buying the M249. There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, machine guns are not that useful in CS:GO. Surely, sometimes it would be good to have a machine gun in your hands so you can spam through smokes (Vertigo A site is a good example), but in general, there are not so many situations where machine gun would be a good choice.

CSGO Weapon m249 esports
Source: Valve

Second of all, the M249 is the most expensive gun on the game and it’s far from the best one. On top of that, it has a cheaper version of itself. Of course, we are talking about the Negev that is a weapon that we can actually see a lot in the game. Truly, M249 has much better specifications, but its price is just too high. To spend $5,200 on a machine gun is equal to madness in CS:GO. Hence, the M249 is one of those CS:GO weapons you should never buy whatsoever. If you already want to have fun with machine guns, just buy the Negev.

4) Sawed-Off
Sawed-off csgo weapon
Source: Valve

Although the Sawed-Off is not completely useless, there is a reason why this shotgun found its place in this article. Simply, Shotguns are not as useful on T side as on CT side. As Sawed-Off can be bought exclusively on T side, it’s one of CS:GO weapons you should never buy.

Of course, this basically applies to all Shotguns on T side. There is really no point in buying Shotguns on T side because of their short accurate range.

5) P90

Many players will not like this one, but taking everything into consideration, you really shouldn’t buy the P90. Indeed, it’s incredibly high fire rate and easy recoil control makes this gun so fun to play with. Also, it is a perfect weapon for players who are still learning about CS:GO. You can literally run and shoot with the P90 relatively precisely. So, the mechanics of this SMG make it kind of playable, but its price takes a lot from it.

The P90 has the same accurate range as PP-Bizon and it delivers slightly more damage. But, it costs $2,300. For that money, you can buy either grenades or FAMAS or Galil, depending on which side you are. Those are much better and more versatile guns. So, even though P90 can be useful on some occasions, you shouldn’t generally buy this weapon.

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