5 Best Clutchers In CS:GO Competitive

5 Best Clutchers In CSGO Competitive Esports
  • Being the last man standing on your team and winning 1vX duels requires great mental strength and skill. Here is our list of the 5 best clutchers in CS:GO esports.

Before we start with our list, we need to mention that our list is based on most clutches won in big events according to HLTV. Although it’s not a perfect indicator of good clutching skills, it’s still one way to go.

5. Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz [Astralis]

Even though you would expect to mostly see Support players on this list, it’s actually not the case. Usually, Support players are those who stay in clutch situations, so you would expect them to be one of 5 best clutchers in CS:GO. However, this list is actually dominated by AWPers, and dev1ce is one of them.

Nicolai dev1ce Reedtz [Astralis] Clutcher in CSGO
Source: HLTV
Given that AWPers usually support their teams from the back lines, it’s kind of logical to see them in clutch situations as well. As dev1ce started his career as Riffler, he won many of his 157 1vX duels in the first half of his career. Nevertheless, up to this day, we can see dev1ce in these kinds of situations occasionally, and he manages them decently. With 157 clutches won in big events, he is only five clutches behind the fourth player.

4. Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács [Natus Vincere]

As a very experienced player who also used to play Counter-Strike 1.6. at a high level, GuardiaN knows a lot about clutching in CS:GO. Apparently, the experience is very handy when you find yourself alone against multiple players. It helps you to position yourself well, and also it helps you to predict opponents’ next moves.

GuardiaN is also an AWPer, but he can play very well with Riffles, too. It’s not strange to see him hitting some nasty shots with AK or M4, and it has a huge impact on his clutching skils. Thanks to all said it put him in fourth place of the list of 5 best clutchers in CS:GO.

3. Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo [MiBR]

FalleN is another and final dedicated AWPer on this list. He is known for his great leading and AWPing skills, but at the same time, he managed to win 176 1vX duels in big events. The leader of the golden Brazilian era won most of these clutch situations during the time when Luminosity/SK Gaming was the dominant team.

During that time, FalleN won two Majors and many other big events. Also, we need to mention that FalleN had even more experience as CS 1.6. player than GuardiaN did. He mainly played at regional tournaments, but he recorded some good results at international events as well. He basically plays this game professionally since the middle of last decade. It experiences surely helps him a lot to manage clutch situations.

2. Marcelo “coldzera” David [FaZe Clan]

As two time Major MVP winner, and as the best player of 2016 and 2017, coldzera is one of the best players that ever played this game. His great games rank coldzera among gods of CS:GO. He is very versatile as he can play with any weapon, and his aiming skills are incredible.


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Therefore, no wonder he found a place on our list of 5 best clutchers in CS:GO. No matter how many players are encountering him, he always has a chance to win that duel. Accordingly, he managed to win 187 clutches in big events which makes him the second player with most clutches won according to HLTV.

Honorable mentions

Although this article is about pure mathematic, we must involve some human estimation. Yes, won clutches shows us a lot, but not everything. So, we just have to mention a couple of players who have great clutching abilities but they didn’t make it on our list.


The leader of G2 Esports maybe didn’t find a place among five best clutchers when it comes to clutches won at big events, but he is actually on top of the list when we include all tournaments as he leads with 601 clutches. This just reminds us how good a player he is and how tough is to play against him.


The Polish legend of CS:GO used to be at his peak when the competition wasn’t developed as it is today. Hence, he didn’t have a chance to play as many big events as he would today. But, nevertheless, we all know how good he used to be in 1vX duels. Right now, he holds the third position on the list of most clutches won overall.


Although Twistzz maybe hasn’t won so many 1vX duels, he won many important ones. In recent past, he managed to come out victorious in some crazy 1v3 and 1v4 duels when he completely destroyed and embarrassed his opponents. We just had to mention him as one of the great clutches in CS:GO

1. Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth [Astralis]

Of course, the only doubt about the first place on our list of 5 best clutchers in CS:GO is how you should pronounce Xyp9x’s name. But, we all agree that Xyp9x is the best clutcher in CS:GO ever. There is just no one else who has more chances to win clutch duels than Xyp9x. For sure, he doesn’t have the nickname “clutch minister” for nothing.

When casters see that there is only Xyp9x left on Astralis side, they just start chuckling knowing that nothing is over regardless of how bad situation is for Xyp9x. The fans even made a joke about Xyp9x saying that he can win any round with any weapon, but there is only one condition – it must be a clutch situation. They said this when Xyp9x won AWP clutch during one FPL game even though he doesn’t play with AWP at all. Later on in that round, s1mple was willing to leave Xyp9x with AWP as he was astonished by his play.

With 228 clutches won, Xyp9x dominantly tops the list of 5 best clutchers in CS:GO.

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