5 Best Cheap CS:GO Weapons Under $2,000

5 Best Cheap CSGO Weapons [Under $2,000]

Just like in everyday life, in CS:GO you also want to get the best possible for the least money. Here, we present you our list of 5 best cheap CS:GO weapons you can buy for less than $2,000.

5. MAG-7

We just had to put a shotgun on our list of 5 best cheap CS:GO weapons. After Valve updated shotguns and made them more affordable, they became almost standard weapons in force-buy rounds. On top of that, each Shotgun gives you $900 as kill reward, which basically pays off invested money.

Among all Shotguns under $2,000, we find MAG-7 to be the best one. It inflicts the most damage, and it has a decent accurate range for Shotgun standards. Truly, it costs $1,300 which is notably more than other Shotgun prices, but it definitely pays off. In close range battles, one shot can be deadly, which only a few other weapons can do.

MAG-7 esport counter strike
Source: Valve


The downside of this weapon is that it is a situational weapon. You can use it only in certain positions, and if you can switch it with some other weapon from our list of 5 best cheap CS:GO weapons, you should.

4. Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle, or just “Deagle”, is undoubtedly the best pistol in the game in terms of specifications. Whereas other pistols can be useful in particular situations, Deagle can be used in any given situation. It’s lethal in both short and long-range combats, and in terms of damage, it’s even better than most riffles.

Any Deagle headshot, also known as “Juan Deag”, is deadly, and in hand of true aim masters, it’s equally dangerous as riffle. However, this pistol has its downsides as well.

First of all, it’s the most expensive pistol, which makes it a high risk, high reward pistol. Also, it has a significantly worse fire rate than P250, CZ, and Five-Seven. Additionally, it has the smallest magazine among all pistols as it has only 7 bullets.

Nevertheless, this pistol costs only $700, and what you get for these 700 bucks makes Desert Eagle one of 5 best cheap CS:GO weapons.

3. UMP-45

It’s hard to pick only one SMG and name it the best SMG. Simply, each SMG has its good and bad sides, and each SMG is better than others in particular situations. However, it seems like UMP-45 is the only SMG that can offer you everything.


With 666 RPM, UMP-45 has a better fire rate than AK and most of the other weapons. But, among SMGs, UMP-45 is the worst when it comes to the rate of fire. However, it’s best when it comes to damage. One headshot to the player with a helmet with UMP is equally dangerous as a headshot of M4. Additionally, UMP delivers more damage to other body parts than any other SMG.

UMP-45 esport weapon
Source: Valve

The downsides of this weapon are several. First of all, it has only 25 bullets per magazine, which is the least among SMGs. Also, it takes 3.5 seconds to reload this weapon, which is a lot, and its accurate range is only 11 meters. So, this weapon is not meant to be used in long-range battles. But, with high headshot damage, it’s a perfect weapon for players with a good aim. With only $1,200, UMP-45 deserves to find a place on our list of 5 best cheap CS:GO weapons.

2. MP9

MP9 is significantly different SMG than UMP-45. Whereas UMP-45 is more damage-based SMG, MP9 offers you better accurate range and significantly higher fire rate. Furthermore, MP9 has the highest rate of fire among all CS:GO weapons, which makes it the best weapon in situations when you want to burst rain of bullets at your opponents.

MP9 esport weapon
Source: Valve


Damage-wise, MP9 is not so effective, especially against armored players. Headshot of MP9 inflicts “only” 60 damage, which less than many pistols. However, it doesn’t slow you almost at all while you are holding it, and it takes so little time to reload MP9. With not so hard recoil, this weapon is perfect for running and shooting. This way, you will be a very hard target for your opponents, whereas you will be able to land so many bullets to their body. For the price of $1,250, you really get a strong and fun weapon to use.

1. SSG 08

SSG 08, also known as Scout, costs almost three times less than an AWP, but it can be so powerful weapon. With SSG in your hands, you can go as faster than with many riffles. Also, your movement speed doesn’t decrease in scoped mode, which advantage of Scout over AWP. Its reload time is 3.7 seconds, the same as AWP’s. It gives you $300 for the kill, three times more than AWP, and it has a slightly better rate of fire.

Therefore, the only advantage that AWP has over Scout is damage and one-shot potential. With Scout, you can choose if you want to go for a lethal headshot, or for a high-damaging body shot. Either way, Scout can be a real disaster for players who are receiving shots. On top of all said, it costs only $1,700, which is a real bargain. You can get one of 5 best cheap CS:GO weapons for such an affordable price.

SSG 08 esport weapon


Sometimes, pro players with good aim prefer to buy Scout rather than Riffles in order to engage in long-range fights. Accordingly, if your team are on force-buy, and you have a good aim, you should definitely buy this weapon.

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