3DMAX Won ESEA Season 29 Global Challenge

3DMAX-Won-ESEA-Season-29-Global-Challenge Esports CSGO Counter Strike
Image courtesy of 3DMAX Facebook

3DMAX Won ESEA Season 29 Global Challenge

ESEA S29 Global Challenge and ESL Pro League finals were played simultaneously this week. Of course, EPL Finals had a much bigger audience considering quality and popularity of the tournament and teams which played there. However, Dallas (the city where ESEA Global Challenge was held) was a gathering place for some high-quality CS:GO teams such as Virtus.pro, Team Kinguin, and 3DMAX.

The event was played in Mavs Esports Training Facility in Dallas. Eight teams shared a $50.000 prize pool among themselves, according to their placement. Teams were separated into two Groups. They played Opening and Winners Bo1(Best of 1) matches and Elimination and Decider Bo3(Best of 3) matches. First two teams advanced in Play-off. Three teams came to the tournament through EU Premier tournaments, four teams came through NA Premier and one came through Australia Premier. So, there weren’t any invitations.

Group A – 3DMAX already confronted future vice-champion

Two top teams in the tournament played in Group A. 3DMAX and Team Kinguin encountered each other in Winners match. Before that, 3DMAX beat Vireo 16-9 and Team Kinguin defeated CWAL 16-7. Two 3DMAX players, Lucky and JackZ signed for G2, but they played for 3DMAX in ESEA Global Challenge due to roster locks. So this was their last tournament in 3DMAX, and they ended cooperation in a great manner.

Team Kinguin started Winners match by winning four rounds in a row. In the fifth round, Lucky had three AWP kills on the bombsite B (Dust 2) and two of them was caused by one single shot. That was the moment when the French team gained momentum. Therefore, they won the following five rounds. Team Kinguin was leading 9-6 on side change. In the end, the Polish team had 14-10 lead and later they had two match points (15-13), but Frenchmen caught the lead and the game went into Overtime. Team Kinguin didn’t manage to win a single round in Overtime, so davidp & Company won the first fight.

Vireo was the winner of the Elimination match in Group A, so they booked the match against Team Kinguin. TaZ and his teammates defeated Vireo relatively easy (16-13, 16-9). In the first leg, Team Kinguin was leading 15-8, but Vireo didn’t surrender without a fight. However, seven match points turned out to be sufficient for triumph.

Group B – Virtus.pro surprisingly failed to reach Play-off

In another group, Virtus.pro was the biggest favorite for winning the top spot. However, they were crushed by Team Singularity in initial round 16-5. Virtus successfully planted the bomb six times, but the bomb exploded only once. It shows us how Team Singularity was good when it came to defusing and restoring the bombsite. In another opening match, Grayhound Gaming defeated Swole Patrol 16-13. Therefore, we watched Winners match between Singularity and Grayhound and Elimination duel between Virtus.pro and Swole patrol.


Grayhound was better than Singularity on Nuke(16-12), and Virtus was struggling against Swole. The Polish team defeated Swole on Cache which was Swole’s pick (16-11). But then, Poles had some hard time on Train. They won only five rounds, so the final leg was played on Nuke. Virtus was much better team till the 24th round. Then, Swole had five wins streak. However, Virtus prevailed in the end.

Therefore, fans had an opportunity to watch another battle between Virtus and Singularity. If Virtus hadn’t lost the first match, they would have been absolute favorites. Apparently, they didn’t play very well. Singularity just humiliated Poles on Dust 2. Virtus didn’t win a single round in first ten rounds. Vanity from Team Singularity played a solid game. He had 23 kills, 5 assists, and 9 deaths. That was enough for a convincing win in the first leg (16-6). The winner of the second leg was the same. So Virtus.pro unexpectedly dropped out of the tournament after Decider.

Frenchmen vs Poles in the final

Beating Singularity turned out to not be an easy task. American team proved again that they are a tough opponent. 3DMAX faced oSee and his team in the Semi-final. The first map was Nuke, and Singularity did something incredible. After teams changed sides, the result was 13-2 in 3DMAX’s favor. It seemed that the French team will achieve an easy victory. Conversely, Americans caught the lead and entered the game in Overtime. However, they didn’t have enough energy for a complete comeback, so they lost an exciting battle 19-16. Presumably, Singularity ran out fuel and consequently lost Inferno pretty easy (16-5).

Kinguin-ESEA-Season-29-Global-Challenge Esports CSGO Counter Strike
Image courtesy of Kinguin Twitter


In another Semi-final, Team Kinguin got back in the match twice. Grayhound had a big lead for two times. Firstly they were leading 11-3 on Nuke, and secondly, they were in lead 11-4. Both times Team Kinguin managed to catch the lead, but only the first time they won the leg. The second leg(Overpass) went into Overtime twice. The final score was 22-19. In the third leg, Polish team prevailed and advanced to the final to meet 3DMAX once again.

G2 Esports’ new player, JackZ, performed greatly in the Final. He was indeed the MVP of the final match. First, he had a score 25/3/1 on Nuke and then 21/8/10 in the final leg on Dust 2. Thanks to him and other team members, 3DMAX was dominant on Nuke and Dust 2(16-8, 16-5). Truly, they lost Cache 16-12, but two won legs were sufficient for 3DMAX to claim  ESEA Season 29: Global Challenge title and earn $18.000 USD.


3DMAX-Won-ESEA-Season-29-Global-Challenge Esports CSGO Counter Strike Cash Prize Prize Pool
Image courtesy of 3DMAX Twitter

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