Wuskin Beats Twin Brother Skrapz in Call of Duty Event. Gives his Thoughts.

Wuskin Beats Twin Brother Skrapz in Call of Duty Event. Gives his Thoughts.

At CWL Fort Worth, one particular player got his sweet revenge on his twin brother by beating him in the losers bracket. But the question is, was it really revenge? Wuskin gives his thoughts on beating Skrapz during an Instant Reaction with Jess Brohard.

Good Twin vs Evil Twin?

Who’s the good twin and who’s the evil twin? This is probably a question most Call of Duty World League fans know the answer to. Currently in the CWL Pro League, there’s no other brother rivalry like Wuskin from Team Reciprocity and Skrapz from Red Reserve. The league does have another set of twins; Prestinni and Arcitys, but they play together for eUnited. It would be plenty of fun to also see them up against each other, but for the time being we have all that we need between Wuskin and Skrapz.

A curious question to ask is, who’s the good twin and who’s the evil twin? This is a question that almost every twin hears in their life time. There’s always a comparison being done. But it’s interesting to point out in this case given that both Wuskin and Skrapz approach their rivalry entirely different.

CWL Twins Trash Talk

A while back, Game Life featured an article about Wuskin and Skrapz doing some trash talking before the CWL Pro Leagues first opening game. One one side we saw Wuskin, very humble and not wishing his brother the best. Other the other side we saw Skrapz, who couldn’t wait to get into the action and beat his brother.

Wuskin Skrapz Interview Jess Brohard CWL
Wuskin Skrapz Interview Jess Brohard CWL

When Jess Brohard asked for the final words from both players, Wuskin replied saying, “Good luck”. Skrapz replied with, “I can’t wait to get me hands on you. I want to shot your body and everything.” If there’s anything we’ve learned watching these two through the years, it’s that Wuskin is definitely the “good twin“, and Skrapz is the “evil twin“. Why does this matter? Well, it’s interesting to see how completely different the two players approach the game when it comes to playing each other. To Wuskin, his brother will always be close to him, so he shares this compassion and respect. However, Skrapaz is more playful and likes to get the edge on his brother. Between any sibling there’s always some competitiveness that comes out. But it’s interesting to see that it’s one sided (from Skrapz).

Team Reciprocity Beats Red Reserve

Prior to the CWL Fort Worth event, but teams were opening up the Pro League against each other, in which Red Reserve beat Team Reciprocity. During the CWL Fort Worth event, both teams met each other again, in round 4 of the losers bracket. This time the story was different. Team Rec were on a hot streak, and seemed to have become stronger as the tournament progressed. Well, it held true as Reciprocity beat Red Reserve 3-1 in convincing fashion. Many fans were waiting for an Instant Reaction to see if Wuskin would be interviewed. But that didn’t come until later on that day when Reciprocity beat 100 Thieves.

Wuskin Shares his thoughts

As many fans were hoping for some trash talking (including the CWL Panel), the trash talking never happened. Instead, Wuskin gave a response that left many fans wondering why he didn’t take advantage of giving it to his brother. Well, the “good twin” came out of Wuskin, and his explanation makes complete sense. When Jess Brohard asked Wuskin how it felt to beat his brother today, he replied saying:

“I don’t know. I never felt something like that. I felt like I didn’t deserve to win because he’s my twin brother. So even though I beat him, I feel like I should have given him the win in a sense because he’s my twin. I dunno, it’s a weird feeling.”

Wuskin Beats Skrapz in Call of Duty CWL Event

Those who are left confused, here’s something to think about. Skrapz and Wuskin’s been together for a lot of their lifes. Since they were young and even in the present moment competing in the same esports league. So they see a lot of each other. Heck, they’ve even won together once upon a time.

So to Wuskin, he feels that if he was to win, he should have his brother on his side and not against him. And the fact that he won he feels guilt, which is why he said he should have given the win to Skrapz so he doesn’t feel bad in the end. If you’re still a little confused, let’s just say it’s a “twin thing“. Hilariously enough, Skrapz doesn’t feel the same way.

It seems that Skrapz will always play hard ball, and loves to have the bragging rights against his brother. As mentioned, there will always be a good twin and an evil twin, and I believe we’ve made up our mind who’s who here.

Wuskin Hugs Skrapz at CWL Event Call of Duty
Source: twitter.com/wuskinz

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