Wuskin Tea bag Scump’s Body for Team Reciprocity Series Win?

Wuskin Tea bag Scump's Body for Team Reciprocity Series Win

Did Wuskin Tea bag one of OpTic Gaming’s star players at the CWL Fort Worth event over the weekend? Let’s take a closer look at what happened.

OpTic Gaming vs Team Reciprocity

OpTic Gaming’s first match of the CWL Fort Worth event was against Team Reciprocity. OG didn’t have any problems beating them in the Pro League, despite being down one of their star players, OpTic Dashy. However, thing’s didn’t go as planned for OpTic this time around; unfortunately, that had to happen at CWL Fort worth. starting things off, OG was up 1-0 in the series. Things were going as planned for OG until Team Reciprocity came back to tie things up 1-1. That’s when OpTic knew that this wasn’t going to be the same type of series from the Pro League. With big plays from Wuskin and Dylan, the matches turned out to be incredibly close.

With the series tied 2-2, the teams had to see a game 5 to decide the winner. Early on, Team Reciprocity showed what they were made of, beating OG during key moments. Finally, Team Reciprocity was up 5-3 and it was do-or-die for OpTic Gaming. With the round 9 underway, OpTic Gaming planted the bomb right away. That’s when things got hectic.

Wuskin Tea bag Scump’s Body for Team Reciprocity Series Win?

OpTic Gaming drew back, waiting for Team Reciprocity to come out of the shadows and go to the bomb, which has been planted. With all Team Reciprocity players still behind the large platform strcuture, Scump took a gamble and moved behind it. Little did he know, all of Team Rec’s players were there. That’s when Zed moved in to take Scump out. Dashy was behind another large platform in their section looking to snipe some of Team Reciprocity’s players. But, Dashy didn’t notice Zed, who was moving closer towards him.

Crimsix took out Tommy who exposed himself from the right side.

While all of this was happening, Wuskin moved towards the bomb for the defuse. Uncharacteristically, Wuskin started to do the tea bagging motion, going up and down while defusing he bomb. .  It’s a reaction many of us who play Call of Duty are familiar with. It’s that “rub it in your face” last gesture that players do. But was Wuskin tea bagging Scump’s body? At first glance it definitely looked like it, as Scump was the only OpTic player who pushed Team Reciprocity’s side and ended up dying. But, after a closer look, he died near the platform, and Wuskin was on the other side of the bomb doing the tea bag motion. Wuskin was probably genuinely happy that his Team got revenge couldn’t hold back pressing the joystick button.

Wuskin Tea Bag Scump Body OpTic Gaming Reciprocity CWL Fort Worth

Nonetheless, not only is Wuskin a top notch player, but he’s humble as well and respects everyone. The calmer of the “CWL Twins“, it would have been very uncharacteristic of him to do such a gesture, so clearing things up is good for everyone.

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