Winningest Player In CoD Esports History Is A Restricted Free Agent For The 2020 Season

Winningest Player In CoD Esports History Is A Restricted Free Agent For The 2020 Season
  • Crimsix is the winningest player in Call of Duty history, and now he’s looking to join a new team for the 2020 season. Here are reactions from the community.

Uncertainty For OpTic Gaming CoD Division

Since Immortals Gaming acquired Infinite Esports, there has been uncertainty for the organization’s CoD division. Prior to the acquisition, fans knew that there were intense talks behind closed doors, and during one post-game interview, Scump told viewers that the team’s hoping Hector gets a win on the “other front“, meaning the battle against Immortals for the bid of OG. As the weeks passed by, fans were losing hope that Hector would actually be able to pull off a win and save OpTic Gaming. However, that wasn’t possible and Immortals Gaming acquired Infinite Esports.

The big question that everyone was wondering is if OpTic Gaming Call of Duty team would still exist, and if they would participate in the new franchised Call of Duty League (CDL). Well, most realized that wasn’t going to happen, and after the end of the CWL 2019 Season, all eyes were on the OpTic players. Yesterday, Karma announced that anyone can contact him regarding the upcoming 2020 Call of Duty season.

He also replied to the tweet since everyone was asking him what was going on which he replied with:

“I only put this because it seems things are happening and I haven’t even been contacted by (optic I guess)”

It’s an unfortunate time, especially for players like Karma, Crimsix and Scump who have been part of the organization for many years. Dashy and TjHaly who were also part of the Call of Duty team have yet to say anything via their social media accounts. But, Crimsix, in which CourageJD famously said during the post-game finals, is the winningest player in Call of Duty history, and has finally tweeted publicly about his situation.

Crimsix Is A Restricted Free Agent For The 2020 Season

Crimsix just tweeted that he is looking for a new team, and he asked to be contacted through the following email: It’s a tweet that came out of nowhere, however, fans were expecting something to happen soon. Here’s Crimsix’s tweet:

The winningest player of all time is now looking for a new team after many years with OpTic Gaming. It’s a sentence that no one would have imagined a year ago. One of the first replies was oddly from Arcitys, a player from eUnited who just won the CWL Championship.

Crimsix replied back to the tweet with “Yes”. Could Crimsix now possibly play with eUnited in the new 2020 season? Most likely since he’s willing to open talks with eUnited. But most importantly, eUnited’s captain, Clayster, replied to the tweet saying:

“delete immediately good sir”

Could this possibly mean that he doesn’t want other teams to contact Crimsix? We’re not sure, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that the public doesn’t know about, and everything is “hush hush” at the moment. Even Clayster said via Twitter that so much is going on behind the scenes that it will shock everyone.

Who’s To Blame?

Crimsix received many replies to his initial tweet, many of which were asking who’s to blame. Crimsix replied back saying that “It wasn’t Immortals who did this“, as well as, “And it wasn’t Infinite or J either.” One thing is for sure, Crimsix doesn’t want to give any more details and that’s respectable consider all the sensitive information that’s going back and forth between teams and players.

A few months back, fans did see a side of Crimsix and his thoughts about building an esports team. During one of his streams, he had a message to pro players that they should build their own team:

when you make your own teamyou are promoting yourselfYou are working for yourself. For your friends, your teammates. The people around you. You are doing that for your own benefit as a whole” – Crimsix

It seems that Crimsix knew what the future was looking like, and he wanted to give out an early message to pro players in the league. However, given that Activision Blizzard moved to franchising, it’s unlikely that any pro player would have been able to build their own team without a major support system in place and partners. We’ll need to wait to find out more about the players of OpTic Gaming and where they will be heading.

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