What to Look For Heading into CWL Fort Worth Matchups and Stories

What to Look For Heading CWL Fort Worth Matchups Stories
Image source: Joseph Haubert

With just one day left before the start of CWL Forth Worth, what are the some of the top matchups and stories to look forward to heading into the second Call of Duty esports major?

What to Look For Heading into CWL Fort Worth: Matchups and Stories

A lot has happened since the start of the CWL Pro League season. We’ve seen some shocking results, new heroes emerge and new rivalries. There’s certainly no shortage of interesting matchups and stores to look forward to heading into CWL Fort Worth. Let’s take a look at some of the topics that have emerged from the first four weeks of the Pro League.

Dashy Returns to OpTic Gaming

Dashy Returns to OpTic Gaming
Image source: instagram.com/brandondashy

Since the start of the CWL Pro League 2019, one of the biggest news to hit the league was OpTic Gaming missing one of their players. News surfaced that Dashy ran into issues going to Columbus (for unknown reasons). Dashy was going to miss the first two weeks of the CWL Pro League season. News broke out that ZooMaa was going to fill Dashy’s spot in the team, which meant that fans would get to see ZooMaa and TJHaly as teammates again. Although some fans considered the whole thing a joke, it was confirmed via FaZe’s Twitter account: “#FaZeCOD: @ZooMaa is set to fill in for OpTic on a temporary basis over the first two weeks of CWL.Any changes to that schedule will be announced here.

Dashy also confirmed via Twitter that he’d passing the baton (or OpTic stardust) to ZooMaa by tweeting this.

ZooMaa temporarily solved the teams problems. However, OpTic Gaming lost their first match in the Pro League against new comers Midnight Esports. Every CoD esports fan knew that the game dynamics would change for OpTic with the addition of ZooMaa. But what fans didn’t know was how good Midnight Esports was going to be against OpTic. At the end of week two of the Pro League, OpTic Gaming finished with a 4-3 record sitting in 3rd place of their division.

With the return of Dashy to the line-up, everyone will be looking to see how OpTic Gaming will do in the tournament. This is the same team that dominated at CWL Vegas, and Dashy was the MVP of that tournament.

OpTic’s Revenge vs Midnight?

Continuing with OpTic Gaming, OpTic fans were heart broken after a devastating loss by new comers Midnight Esports. The team that dominated the qualifiers to get into the Pro League continued their hot streak, beating OpTic in three straight matches for a sweep. Although everyone was aware that Zoomaa was a filler for Dashy, he was hardly to blame for the loss as Midnight was ready and prepared for this match by studying OpTic Gaming’s past games.

The question is, will OpTic Gaming get a chance to face Midnight? They are not scheduled to play against each other on the first day. If they do happen to cross paths, and OpTic Gaming comes out on top, the victory will be bitter sweet as it’s not the same squad that they played against on opening day of the Pro League. Regardless, both teams will be exciting to watch at  Fort Worth.

Clayster and Loony Still have Beef?

There’s a little bit of history between Clayster and Loony, but nothing that’s out of the ordinary. Just some small exchanges after games between the two. Both players made headlines during the 2018 season when Clayster called Loony a sore loser. Although beefs typically don’t last very long in the league, it seemed that Loony still had to get something off his chest which was evident during the eUnited and Splyce match this season.

After Prestinni clutched a 1v3, which started with killing Loony, this seemed to rile Loony up as a few games later he clutched a 1v4. Afterwards, he stood up and said some words towards the eUnited side. However, eUnited came back strong, beating Splyce and winning the series. Afterwards, there was a little bit of a mix-up in the handshakes as Clayster met with Loony. Clay stuck out his hand while Loony came in with a fist.

There seemed to be a stand off between the two in which Clay switched to the fist for some sportsmanship. But is there still beef between the two? Is Loony secretly waiting to beat eUnited and have the last laugh? This will definitely be a matchup to look forward to if the teams cross paths at CWL Fort worth.

The CWL Twins – Skrapz vs Wuskinz

Skrapz vs Wuskinz

There’s nothing better than a brother rivalry. The fact that it involves Skrapz vs Wuskinz who are twins makes it more interesting. Twins have a way of getting under each others skins, and Skrapz did a great job on Twitter annoying his brother Wuskinz right before their match-up on day one of the Pro League. A pre-game interview had the brothers square off on stage where there was some light trash talking between the two. It seemed that Skrapz had more of a reason to beat Wuskinz as he finished the interview saying “I can’t wait to get me hands on you. I want to shoot your body and everything”.

Skrapz got the best of Wuskinz as Red Reserve beat Team Reciprocity 3-0 for the first sweep of the pro league. If these two teams see each other at the event, it will definitely be a game to watch.

Will Denial Esports Fall off the map?

There were a lot of questions marks surrounding Denial Esports and what they would be able to do in the first two weeks of the the Pro League. The team lost their first 5 games, going 0-5. This not only raised red flags, but raised questions about the entire Call of Duty division for Denial Esports.

Denail Esports was the talk of the CWL panel leading up their 6th match, which happened top be against Splyce (who were one of the top teams in the division).  The CWL panel had conflicted views about what Denial Esports should do, with Pacman saying he would give them by the end of the week to see what to do with them. Chance on the other hand said to give the team the whole season. Just when the panel were going to write off Denial Esports, a needed victory from the European came and shut down the doubters as they managed to beat one of the top teams in the league. But that was then, and the 2nd major starts tomorrow. How will Denial Esports do at CWL Fort Worth?

Actions starts tomorrow at 2:00 PM CT time. You can catch all the action at twitch.tv/callofduty

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