What Impact Will Ninja Have In Black Ops 4 Blackout

Ninja playing Blackout

With the new Black Ops 4 coming out, we’ve seen some popular YouTube and Twitch streamers jump ship and try out the new game. The question is, what impact Will Ninja Have In Black Ops 4 Blackout?

What Impact Will Ninja Have In Black Ops 4 Blackout

Was BO4 BO Beta all about Ninja playing Blackout?, we are now counting down the days until October 12th. One of our Game Life author’s xXGodOfSinXx hit the beta pretty hard over the weekend. Just like other gamers, he had pretty much the same feedback of good and bad with the beta.

But this is not about Blackout beta, this is about how much Ninja will send Blackout to new levels of success.

Taking it to the Next Level

Being one of the best Halo players in the world, Ninja has the FPS pedigree to do damage with Blackout.

He took his career to the next level when Fortnite exploded on to the scene and he pretty much became the face for Epic events. Along comes Blackout Beta and Twitch blows up with over 300,000 viewers tuning in. Thanks to many of the top Fortnite streamers testing it out. Then Ninja jumps in and brings in nearly 275,000 himself. Needless to say, Ninja with his combined 29 million fans, Youtube subs and Twitch followers.

Ninja Black Ops 4

Right now, Ninja releases a daily video and if you look at the premature stats from his past Blackout videos, the views have already surpassed his videos going back 3 weeks. Our first question is answered, yes people want to watch Ninja play Blackout.

I bring this up because many COD streamers who moved over the Fortnite did not bring their fan base with them. It’s a very touchy subject when streamers test out new games but have already established a solid foundation for a specific game following. But Ninja Black Ops 4 has surpassed that now. His presence is everywhere at this point.

Ninja to Captain TwitchCon’s Doritos Bowl Blackout Tournament

Black Ops 4 release date is set for Oct 12th. Over the course of the years, COD titles release dates were usually set as the first week of November. Let’s look at the impact on releasing it mid October. TwitchCon is slated for October 26-28. Activision announced Ninja playing Blackout as a team captain for the TwitchCon Blackout Doritos bowl on October 27th.

If Activision releases the game during the first week of November, they miss TwitchCon. This was a major factor for the early release. Now you have Ninja playing Blackout leading a team in a tournament while all of this is being live streamed.

This is your recipe for success

Like him or not, Ninja will give you the exposure you need and Activision knew this and are doing the right thing. COD is a console game, I won’t get into a debate on why the PC version was so unpopular (PC guys you know why!). But imagine if Activision finally gets Blackout right for PC and Ninja gets his PC followers to watch and potentially buy it?

Activision has nothing to lose except be sure the game will be SOLID for PC. This is your big chance don’t screw it up.

Ninja Twitchcon blackout
Ninja Twitchcon blackout
Good Luck to All COD Channel Owners and Ninja Black Ops 4

With the surge of Fortnite and the plunge of COD WW2 over the past 8-10 months,. Social content creators have had their fair share of shakeups. The whole gaming content creation ecosystem is going to be messed up. You had your streamers who where known for a specific game. Fortnite came along and exploded certain streamers into the spotlight and propelled them to levels they would have never achieved without it.

What happens now is, these streamers can go LIVE with Blackout and capture even more attention for new and existing fans.

Top Content Creators for Ninja Black Ops 4

So top COD content creators like Pamaj, TheKoreanSavage, MarkOFJ, Dysmo, will see growth slow down as the big Fortnite streamers grab some COD of the audience. When I first heard the names of the 4 captains for the Blackout Doritos Bowl I was a little upset because I see them as “Fortnite” players in 2018. As I mentioned above, on a marketing standpoint to have Courage, Ninja, Lupo and Shroud as your captains is the smart move.

I will continue to follow my favorite COD channels but I am expecting a lot of change with Youtube and Twitch when it comes to BO4 and Blackout content. What do you guys think will happen with Ninja playing Blackout?

Ninja Playing Blackout Video

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