Warzone Most Kills Record is Broken Yet Again

Warzone Most Kills Record is Broken Yet Again
  • Mark ‘Zepa’ Zepackic, Lymax, and Micka are unstoppable at Call of Duty Warzone. This trio broke the world record for most kills yet again.

Call of Duty Warzone has been out for more than 3 weeks now. The game has already more than 30 million players. This is a big achievement and thanks to COVID-19 players are in their home and they have a chance to try this free-to-play game. Like every FPS game players are trying to perform their best. The world kill records have been broken several times.

However, in Warzone, we can see clear domination from Mark ‘Zepa’ Zepackic, ‘Lymax,’ and ‘Micka’. This trio broke their world record 3 times back to back now. Warzone most kills world record is sitting at 85 kills now.

This is a great achievement; the game had 147 players and this means that they shot more than 50% of the server. In the game, Zepa finished the match with 34 kills under his name. He also did more than 11,000 damage to opponents. Lymax was able to get 30 eliminations from the match while Micka finished with 21 eliminations.

Together this trio had the previous record with 78 kills before. This is an amazing achievement and we were expecting other names to step up and pass, but currently, there are no trios better than these guys in the game.

The standing single player record is 39 kills from GaGOD he killed 38 players in order to get this record. However, he carried his teammates mostly. Zepa is closing on that record with 34 kills, and with a little push, there is no reason for him, not the break the GaGOD’s world record.

In other news, we are expecting squads and duos to come into the game in the future patches. Most players are expecting them to drop at the one month anniversary of the game. Currently, Call of Duty Warzone has a solo mode and the trios mode only. But players want duos and squads still.

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