Call of Duty Warzone: Can You Kill Players By Throwing Rocks at Gulag?

Call of Duty Warzone Can You Kill Players By Throwing Rocks at Gulag
  • Call of Duty Warzone’s revolutionary mechanic is Gulag. But can you kill enemies with a rock in the Gulag? Read below to find out!

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the hottest game modes out there. The game passed 15 million players in several days and the number is rising rapidly. Call of Duty Warzone brought a fresh look to the Battle Royale genre. It is realistic and free-to-play. Until now we did not see this combination and that is why the numbers are rising. Call of Duty Modern Warfare‘s gunplay was praised by the players and at Warzone it is no different.

When we take a look at Warzone there is one specific mechanic that is different from other Battle Royale titles. This mechanic is called Gulag or the Prison. Players who got eliminated are put into Gulag to fight 1v1. If you can win, you redeploy back into the game.

However, Gulag has many different mechanics even inside. For example, if you are there with a teammate you can tell the enemy’s location by simply watching the game. Also, spectators in Gulag can throw rocks at the players. These rocks are generally for distractions. But there is a chance of you getting a kill with a rock in Gulag. Players throwing the rocks can kill a player if they have one health left.

Yes, it is hard but doable. If you can hit an enemy you can kill them. Also if they are using a claymore or a proximity mine, you can throw rocks at them and they will detonate upon touch, you can kill your teammate’s opponents this way and help them.

Even if you can not kill them, rocks are distracting in Gulag, therefore do not spend them on other matches and wait for your teammate’s match. Gulag is a fantastic mechanic in the game and allows players to redeploy again. But there are other ways for you to come back. Your teammates also can but you back into the game from buy stations. These stations are spread around the map and players can use them to bring back their teammates as well as using them to purchase killstreaks, armor plates, etc.

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