Top 5 CWL Players KD Going into Fort Worth

Top 5 CWL Players KD Going into Fort Worth Call of Duty
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With the next Call of Duty major coming up in less than a week, we look at the Top 5 CWL Players KD Going into Fort Worth.

Upcoming Call of Duty Esports Event

After four weeks of the Pro League completed, fans are looking forward to the next CWL major which is coming up this Friday. Division A and B have wrapped things up, and had a two week break before they pick up the controllers again and compete for a prize pool of $325,000 on March 15th. In the meantime, while everyone eagerly awaits, has some interesting stats leading up to the competition. – The Original Competitive CoD Stats Team

CoD Stats is the go-to website for all of Call of Duty esports statistics. Since 2014, they have been providing great insight for teams, casters and fans to dig deeper into analytics. Stats such as Specialists (Most used), aKD (Adjusted overall kill/death ratio), K/D, EPM+ (adjusted engagements per minute) and maps played are some of the key stats showcased at Users can sort by players or by teams.

The site is run by three dedicated Call of Duty esports fans; JP Krez, Doug Liebe and Stephen G. Friend. Their commitment to providing up-to-date CoD stats has made the entire space a little more interesting in terms of comparing stats. The site has been revamped recently while the CoD Stats team looks to adding more advanced stats. The team has mentioned that they hope these stats “will spark interesting discussions and debates for the Call of Duty esports community to enjoy.” We believe their mission is accomplished.

Top 5 CWL Players KD Going into Fort Worth

With the CWL major approaching, one interesting stat that provided on their twitter page was the top 5 highest KD’s leading up to Fort Worth. They’ve broken down the KD to “adjusted KD” which is the overall kill to death ratio for each player. In the top 5 CWL players KD, three are from teams that have done extremely well in the four weeks of Pro League divisional play, while two of the players are from teams that are below 500. Here are the Top 5 CWL Players KD Going into Fort Worth according to CoD Stats.

5). Gunless – Luminosity Gaming
Gunless - Luminosity Gaming CWL Player Stat KD
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Gunless has an overall adjusted KD of 1.18 leading up to the CWL Fort Worth event. Luminosity overall has under-performed in their Division. With three wins and four losses, they have a 42% win ratio. Although Luminosity Gaming bounced back in the 2nd week of divisional play, it will be interesting how they perform at the upcoming event. Luminosity Gaming finished 4th place at the last major which was the CWL Vegas Open.

4). Abezy – eUnited
Abezy - eUnited Gaming CWL Player Stat KD
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Abezy has an overall adjusted Kill to death ratio of 1.21. Abezy is a one of the newer eUnited members joining the team back in October of 2018. eUnited started the 2019 Pro League season with a shocking loss to Team Heretics, but have since bounced back to stay in the top two positions of their division with a 71% win ratio. eUnited finished 2nd place at the last major, losing to OpTic Gaming in the final. They are one of the favorites leading up to CWL Fort Worth.

3). Priestahh – 100 Thieves
Priestahh - 100 Thieves Gaming CWL Player Stat KD
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Priestahh has an overall adjusted KD of 1.22. He originally plays for FaZe Clan, but is currently playing for 100 Thieves on a loan. FaZe clan made headlines after not qualifying for the CWL Pro League 2019 season. However, 100 Thieves made a good call by recruiting him temporarily as he leads the squad with his 1.22 KD. 100 Thieves had one of the worst starts in the first week of the CWL Pro League season going 1-2. However, they turned things around in the second week, winning four games in a row to take top spot in impressive fashion. They will be one of the teams to look out for at the CWL Fort Worth.

2). Huke – Team Envy

Huke Team Envy Gaming CWL Player Stat KD

Huke comes in 2nd place with an overall adjusted kill to death ratio of 1.24. He has been playing with Team Envy since 2017. Although Team Envy has a record of 3-4, it’s not a telling sign of the current situation as they finished their last two games of Division B in impressive fashion. Team Envy beat both eUnited and Team Heretics in the last two games before the league break. They will start things off against eUnited this coming Friday at 3:30 PM CT which will give eUnited a chance for redemption.

2). Maux – Gen.G
Maux - Gen.G Gaming CWL Player Stat KD
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Maux comes in 1st place with an impressive 1.33 adjusted KD leading up to this weeks CWL Fort Worth tournament. Gen.G has been extremely impressive in their Divisional matches, finishing on top of the overall leaderboards at 6-12 with a win ratio of 85%. Their only loss came to the hands of Midnight Esports, who shocked the entire CoD community by beating the titans, OpTic Gaming. Gen.G opens up their CWL Fort Worth competition on March 15h against Team Heretics. Top 5 CWL Players KD Leading up to CWL Fort worth
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