Must See: TeePee Pull Insane 3 Piece in Blackout

TeePee Kills 3 On Moving Truck Call of Duty Blackout CWL
Image source: OpTic TeePee Twitter

TeePee was playing quads in Call of Duty Blackout. At one point during the match he spots an enemy that  jumped on the back of a truck. While the truck was driving away, TeePee pulls an insane 3 piece that you must see.

TeePee Retired from COD Esports in 2016

TeePee, whose real name is Tyler Polchow retired from Call of Duty competitive gaming in 2016. But, that doesn’t mean he stopped playing on his own. TeePee, who streams Call of Duty Blackout primarily on his Twitch channel still has it in him. From playing many years as a Call of Duty pro player, it’s evident that the competitive nature in him continues strong, and he still plays the game as if he was competing for a championship title. Of course, one can’t forget he is a 2014 Call of Duty World Champion.

Insane 3 Drop

During one of his streams with his regular teammates, things seemed to be serious as TeePee found himself out in the open, with an enemy spotted in the far distance near some trees. Of course, one would think to take cover and gain some sort of advantage point. Not TeePee. The former World champion wasn’t phased where the enemy was and then performs some highlight reel footage.

The fact that he was able to put down one enemy that was riding behind a truck at full speed is impressive. But he did it three times. IT’s as if the first drop wasn’t satisfying enough, TeePee had to continue with his lethal snipes, dropping all 3 enemies behind a moving truck.

OpTic TeePee Gaming Three Piece Snipe Kill Call of Duty Blackout

Even TeePee himself was impressed with the snipes saying, “Oh my god! Oh my god!”. The former Champion, and now coach for OpTic Gaming has impressed himself. Who wouldn’t be impressed by pulling out a three piece combo like that while shooting at a moving truck. TeePee recently hit his 200,000 followers on Twitch, and having insane footage like this will definitely help his cause in gaining more followers.

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