Sweet Revenge. OpTic Gaming Beat 100 Thieves at CWL London

Sweet Revenge. OpTic Gaming Beat 100 Thieves at CWL London

OpTic Gaming and 100 Thieves finally met at a major for the first time. However, the last time the teams met was in the pro league where 100 Thieves got the best of OG, sweeping them 3-0. However, OpTic Gaming came out strong at CWL London and beat 100 Thieves to go 3-0 in the tournament.

CWL Pro League

The first ever match-up between OpTic Gaming and 100 Thieves took almost half a year to get to. Fans have been waiting to see this dream match-up since CWL Vegas of last year. Finally, both teams faced off last month for the first time, with 100 Thieves getting the best of OG, sweeping them 3-0. Both teams would meet for the first time at a major tournament. Here are the details of each match.

First Match – Frequency CWL Hardpoint

Both teams started off strong and exchange some heavy gun fights. OpTic gaming took an early lead holding down the first hardpoint. Early on OG had a comfortable lead; 71 points to 100 Thieves 29. The crowd was chanting “Let’s go OpTic” in the Copper Box Arena, clearly giving OpTic some strong support. The next hardpoint was held down by 100 Thieves with a proper rotation by the team. However, OpTic was pushing hard and Dashy was trying to make some plays to break through.

Octane pulled out his much needed Tempest to hold down OG’s push, but instead was killing his teammates. This caused OpTic Gaming to hold ‘Pipes’ and double their scores. Enable at this point was 1 -15 in the game, and Clint Evans, who was calling the shots couldn’t believe the stat. Despite this, 100 Thieves was able to hold off the hardpoint getting back closer to OG’s lead.

Karma had a streak and used it, but wasn’t able to guide his missile to any areas. At the next hardpoint, Dashy was holding down the point, and the crowd could be heard chanting “BRUCE’.

100 Thieves crawled back in the match. coming within 30 points to OpTic. The game was starting to be incredibly close as both teams were exchanging gunfights. The next hardpoint was swapped to pipes where 100 Thieves got a break, and were able to retake the lead at this point for one point.

Towards the end of the match, the points were incredible even, and it was anyone’s game. Scump and TJHaLy wee holding the hardpoint down to keep their lead. It was 234 pts for OG and 226 for 100T. The last hardpoint was at Pipes, and 100 Thieves had control towards the end with Octane getting some much needed kills. 100T take the first map 250-234.

Second Match – Frequency Search and Destroy

The map started off with OG planting the bomb immediately. Dashy was pulling off some amazing snipes, but 100 Thieves were aggressive enough to penetrate the defense and defuse the bomb. 100T take the first round. OG was now on the defense, and 100 Thieves were pushing A. Two of Optic players died right away. After planting the bomb, 100 Thieves were able to eliminate Crimsix to steal round two.

OG now had to plant the bomb. Dashy hit mid with his sniper and was trying to catch someone right way, but was almost taken out by Slasher leaving him with 14 HP. Both teams exchanged kills and Dashy came through getting a round win for OG.

Round three was a pure gun battle round. Both teams exchanged kills right away, leaving it 2v2 with Karma going huge and taking out both 100T players to tie things up. In round four, TJ got the first blood with his Saug, and OG planted the bomb with a man advantage. 100 Thieves tried to come in hard, but OpTic Karma took care of business taking out a bunch of 100T players. OG takes round four.

Round five, 100 Thieves was on the offense. Dashy shots his nade prematurely and ended up killing Priestahh to get first blood. It went down to a 3v1 for OG. Scump ended up clearing things out closing out the round. OpTic Gaming went up 4 to 2 at this point. In round 6, OpTic charged B side to plant and Karma used his missile to get two 100T player. That sealed the seal and OG won round five. At this point, Karma was on a 10 kills streak.

In round 7 , it was a clean slate for Optic as they won all the necessary gun fights to take Search and Destroy 6-2, beating 100 Thieves officially for the first time. The crowd at this point was cheering loudly, in favor of Optic Gaming.

Third Match – Gridlock Control

100 Thieves best mode is Control. OpTic Gaming would have to step it up to stay on par with 100T. As the match started, both teams were exchanging gunfights with 100 thieves getting the better of the exchange. The first round was fairly even, eventually going to 100 Thieves. The second round was a carbon copy of the first round, but this time went in favor of Optic Gaming.

Round three looked to go towards 100 Thieves until Karma stepped it up and got some crucial kills to keep OpTic on top. Karma continued his dominant performance, wildly taking out 100 Thieves and using Ruins Grab slam in a crucial moment to push OpTic forward. OG wins round 3.

OpTic took that momentum in round four and took out four 100T players from the get go. At this point in the match, it seemed that OpTic Gaming found their mojo and continued running with their momentum. Despite OG starting off strong, they made some critical errors to give the round to 100T. In Round five, it was do or die. Both teams were using everything they had, and 100 Thieves were holding down a control point. But TJHaLy pulled out Battery’s Warmachine to push 100 Thieves out and from there OG took control and worked together collectively to win the round, and take a series lead.

Fourth Round – Hacienda Hardpoint

With OpTic Gaming taking the last match, 100 Thieves were looking to come back strong on Hacienda Hardpoint. The match started off slow, with both teams having gun battles away from the hardpoint; which is unorthodox in CWL tournaments. Eventually 100 Thieves made their way to the hardpoint to hold it down at Fences.

On rotation, OpTic Gaming were holding down Fountain and making a comeback, cutting down 100 Thieves lead to 16 points. Rotation changed mid, and OpTic Gaming were holding down their positions down perfectly, making the rotation to Lambo. OG held down the hardpoint, taking the lead change and continuing their dominance. Karma did a crucial Grab Slam, taking out three players from 100T.


OpTic continued holding their lead, and Dashy pulled out his tempest to hold down OG’s area. The hardpoint rotated to mid and OpTic gaming were continuing their hold, going up by 52 points at this point (143 to OG’s 195)

The last hardpoint was at Fences, and at this point it was going to take everything in 100 Thieve power to win the match, which was looking bleak as the match was counting down. 100 Thieves seemed to be making an incredible comeback, however, as hardpoint switched to mid from Foundtain, OpTic Gaming held on strong, winning the round and beating 100 Thieves their first meeting at a CWL major.

This was the match that fans were looking forward to on opening day of CWL London, and the game definitely delivered. Clint Evans and Joe Deluca were calling a Winners Bracket Finals with these two teams facing each other again. If that will be the case, be prepared for an epic showdown.

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