Splyce Laughs at Denial Esports at CWL London. “You Guys Are A**”

Splyce Laughs at Denial Esports at CWL London. You Guys Are A

The first match of CWL London proved to be lop-sided. As Splyce was dominating the final round, someone from the team started laughing at Denial Esports.

Splyce VS Denial Esports Beef?

There was a lot of talk about Splyce and Denial Esports heading into CWL London. For those who don’t remember, Denial Esports was written off by the CWL Panel, where PacmanJT didn’t give the team any chance of surviving the Pro League. At that point during the league, Denial Esports was 0-5, and there was a great concern if the new team would be able to handle the competition at the Pro League. However, Chance, who was also on the CWL panel, was still rooting for the European team and said they would battle back. PacmanJT laughed at this and didn’t think they would be able to beat one of the top teams at that point, Splye.

An upset happened, and Denial Esports managed to beat one of the best teams in the league, beating Slypce by a score of 3-2. It was bittersweet for Denial who has been criticized for their poor result.

Who Laughed at Spylce?

Spylce is a very competitive team, and one of Spyle’s members, Loony, has shown his emotions many times at the CWL Pro League. This match-up against Denial Esports was something that the team has been secretly looking forward to. Sweet revenge.

Although Denial Esports has improved a little bit, Splyce was coming into this match ready as they’d ever be. As the match started, things seemed to be pretty even, however, Spylce eventually ran with momentum. They carried their dominance in all three matches, sweeping Denial Esports 3-0. They got their revenge, and someone from Spylce laughed out loud towards the final moments of the last match. Watch the clip below.

As fans heard the laughter, Temp from Spylce screamed out,

“You guys are A**!”.

It’s a scene that’s not seen very often at the pro level, however, tensions get high and having emotions at this stage is perfectly normal. Words will be said, and teams will get into heated battles. Temp didn’t hold back, and we’ll definitely be seeing more of him throughout this tournament. Spylce starts the tournament 1-0 and Denial Esports have some work to do from here on in.

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