1v4 in Search & Destroy? No Problem for Splyce Accuracy

Esports Call of Duty Splyce Accuracy 1v4 in Search & Destroy

Splyce’s own Accuracy found himself in a tricky situation when it was 2v4 left on the map Gridlock, a Japanese metropolis that has it’s close quarters and can be punishing if you don’t have your corners covered. Specifically, it was a Search & Destroy match which a 1v4 scenario is checkmate for the team of four.

Who is Accuracy?

Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi is a professional Call of Duty player who is currently playing for Team Splyce. He started his gaming career playing the Halo series on Xbox. Once Call of Duty came out with Modern Warfare (2007) he became an instant fan and started his professional gaming career later on with the release of Modern Warfare 3.

Throughout his Call of Duty career, he played on almost every top team in COD esports. Teams like G2 Esports, eUnited, compLexity, and Cloud9. However, overall he has played on 16 different teams. Considering that he is 22 years of age, this is a considerable amount of teams to have already played on.

Playing with so many teams, he has learned to play with all different type of players. His achievements are impressive, having finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the last three major CWL Pro Leage / World League Championships. Most of his success has come with Team Kaliber. However, Accuracy has found a new home with Spylce.

1v4? No Problem

On Accuracy’s Twitch page his tag is “accuracyxx”, and his gamertag is “Accuracy–xX”. He doesn’t have too many followers as he just started out his Twitch account; around 4800 followers. But that number is growing rapidly.

During one of Accuracy’s live streams, he was caught in an unlucky situation. Playing Search & Destroy, on the map “Gridlock”, there was around a minute left with Accuracy and his teammate having to defend the bomb site. His teammate, [FC]tomGRVTV just died and Accuracy was quickly making his way to the bomb site A which is where all the action was happening. Down 1 versus 4, almost everyone would write off Accruacy’s chances of clutching the match; all except Accuracy himself.

Esports Call of Duty Splyce Accuracy 1v4 in Search & Destroy Shot CWL
Image source: twitch.tv/accuracyxx
Clutch in the making?

As soon as he entered into the bomb site A through the broken wall towards the West side, he quickly took out one enemy who was camping by the wall with his MOZU pistol.The MOZU is a sidearm that causes a lot of damage, and has a decent range on it. It’s a side-piece that won’t let you down when you need it. Moreover, that move allowed him to switch to his main weapon (ICR-7)  and continue his rampage killing the bomb planter right away.

Looking left near the fountains, Accuracy picked off another enemy. He then swiftly moved into a safe area to use his stim shot. After taking out 3 enemies it was down to a 1v1.

With the time counting down, Accuracy knows he has to do something fast in order to defuse the bomb in time. This is where the magic happens. He starts moving on the other side of the bomb site to spot the last enemy. But he didn’t kill the enemy with his ICR-7, he switched to his MOZU and killed him long-distance which got a reaction for his teammates.

After killing the last 4 players on time in a 1v4 clutch, you can hear Accuracy scream,

“Clip it! Clip it! Clip that sh*t! Put it on Reddit. I better see that sh*t on Reddit bro.”

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