SoaR Elizh Trickshot is INSANE on the New Firing Range Night

SoaR Elizh Trickshot is INSANE on the New Firing Range Night @SoaRElizh

SoaR Elizh Trickshot is INSANE on the New Firing Range Night.

Trickshots is what every player tries to do at some point during a game. Whether it’s with a sniper rifle, or shooting a nade long range for an insane bounce kill, trickshots are always exciting to watch. Well SoaR Gaming just shared an incredible clip where SoaR Elizh Trickshot does an INSANE kill on the new Firing Range Night map.

Start of the Game

@SoaRElizh was playing the new Firing Range Night map on Black Ops IIII. There’s a daylight version of it which everyone is familiar with. But Treyarch wanted to change things up and released this version as part of the new maps coming out for the game.

The gamemode was Search and Destroy where SoaR Elizth was by himself paired with some players, who lucky for us, had their mics on and we’re able to give their reactions in-game.

In round 3, SoaR Elizth’s team was down 2 game and it was their turn to guard the bomb.

Being 3v1 left, the enemy somehow managed to plant the bomb on the 3 remaining players including SoaR Elizth, Vclture and  iPollo570.

The Trickshot

SoaR Elizth was near the B side with his team looking to defuse the bomb. He then climbs up to the lookout building near the B bomb where his teammates were looking to close at a different angle. While waiting for the his team to approach closer to the bomb, SoaR Elizth saw the enemy firing his weapon from the front of B side, which wasn’t the best move to do when you’re playing a member from a pro Call of Duty clan.

SoaR Elizth starts randomly shooting west of the bomb to either play around, or give his location up; we will never know…

Soar Elizth then moves out of the lookout, jumps down and does a 1080 in one direction before turning with a 360 the other direction shooting his gun at the enemy. With that maneuver he gets the incredible kill that won the round, tying it up for his team at 2 all. The incredible trick shot was so impressive, his teammate, iPollo570 can be heard saying “Nooo wayyy“. Followed by “Literally first game on this map” and “Yo that looked so nice“.


With that trickshot earned SoaR Elizh the BEST PLAY killcam that happens at the end of every round.

This shouldn’t just be BEST PLAY, but possibly the BEST MONTHLY PLAY as that’s one heck of a trickshot to pull off. I’m sure even SoaR Elizth himself was loving it as he starting shooting his gun randomly after the kill.

With that frag he was awared “Buzz Kill”, “KingSlayer” and “Hot Swap”.

Impressive to say the least

What’s most impressive is that @SoaRElizh was using a light machine gun when he performed this trickshot. The light machine gun he used was called “Hades”. He also had “Laser Sight” attached which might have helped in some way shape or form, but we’ll never know as this was purely a trickshot for the ages.

It’s rare to see someone using a light machine gun, from that distance, given that circumstance, and pull off such an incredible shot. If that wasn’t one in a million, I’d like to see other clips submitted showing someone using a light machine gun and pulling that off ;).

Here’s the full clip to see for yourself:

The clip, as of this writing, has 310 likes with 52 retweets.

Some of SoaR Elizh’s other teammates came in to comment saying:

SoaR Bexo: “Elizh is insane.

SoaR Exdzy: “good sh*t“.



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