Simp Impresses At The CWL Miami All Star Game

Simp Impresses At The CWL Miami All Star Game

After a day of intense Call of Duty esports action, fans were gifted with an All-Star game showcasing the top talent in the league. Simp from eUnited had some great moments. Here’s one from Nuke Town.

Simp Impresses At The CWL Miami All Star Game

One of the cool things at the CWL Finals this year was the CWL All Star Game. Players from teams that qualified for the playoffs were voted in to create two teams for the all-star game. The players would represent their division (A and B) and would compete for a chance to win 55-inch gaming screens. Division A was made up of Dylan, Dashy, Envoy, Attach and Skrapz, while Division B was made up of Octane, Lucky, Simp, Slasher and Temp.

The All-star game was meant to be light-hearted, to a certain the degree. The players would be playing seriously at certain points, however, games like on Nuke Town where there were only snipers and tomahawks allowed were a little less competitive. Nonetheless, there were some amazing plays showcased, and Simp from eUnited definitely impressed not only fans but the CWL casters; Clint Evans and Miles Ross.

CWL Miami All-Star Game – Nuke Town Map

Leading up to Nuke Town, both teams were showcasing some brilliant moves and teamwork. Division A at one point looked like they were going to role through all the games, but Division B had other things in mind. Heading into Nuke Town, Divison A was leading 2-1 and looking to close up the series on Nuke Town. For those who might be unfamiliar, Nuke Town is a notorious Black Ops map that had been featured in all Black Ops games. Essentially, it’s a tiny map; signature for its mid battles as all the action is focused at the middle of the map.

As both teams headed to Nuke Town, there was a twist to this map. All players had to use a sniper rifle as well as equip themselves with a tomahawk secondary weapon. The map and mode was meant to be light-hearted, and players on both sides were pulling trick shots, quick scopes, and 360 shots. Although players were having fun, Dylan from Team Reciprocity was tearing up the scene, and Simp from eUnited was putting an exclamation mark on his snipes. Here’s one of the best highlights from that match, and it comes from Simp:

Simp has been a recent addition to eUnited after the Jkap controversy, and the addition had literally made eUnited a top contender again in the CWL Pro League. Like Clint and Miles mentioned, Simp has been pulling those kinds of highlight reels at major events, let alone showcasing them at an All-Star game. Simp has a long career in the CWL and another great rising talent that fans can appreciate for years to come.

Simp eUnited Tomahawk Sniper Rilfe

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