Simp Is The CWL Championship MVP And Here’s Why

Simp Is The CWL Championship MVP And Here's Why
  • On top of winning the most prestigious CWL title, Simp received the MVP title at the CWL Championships. Here is exactly why he was crowned the most valuable player in the tournament.

CWL Champ MVP – Simp (Chris Lehr)

There has never been a player who has dominated the  CWL Pro League in the history of Call of Duty esports like Simp has in just 5 months. Since he’s joined eUnited, Simp has two major titles and two MVP awards under his belt. Of course, this wasn’t just a one-man show as the entire eUnited squad were truly united to accomplish their goals as one unit. But, what Simp has accomplished in just 5 months is a feat that some of the greatest players to ever play in the league can’t even share. Additionally, Simp showed the world on Sunday that on top of winning the CWL Chamnpionsip, his recent MVP award was well deserved. Even when he was receiving the MVP award he was incredibly humble, pointing over to his pal aBeZy as if the award should be going to him.

Simp Humble Receiving MVP Award

But viewers knew; the CWL casters knew, and even his teammates knew that Simp deserved the most valuable player at the CWL Championship. His performance at times was unreal, which would get Ooos and Ahhs from the crowd. He was so impressive that even Momo, one of the championship casters, was entirely focused on Simp throughout the eUnited VS Units series.

“That is the most ludicrous Search an Destroy I’ve ever seen in, forever.” – Momo

Simp Plays From CWL Championship Weekend

Simp was impressive throughout the whole CWL major tournament, especially in the finals against 100 Thieves when it really counted. However, Simp’s game against Units was something that no one has ever seen before in Search and Destroy especially at the highest level there is. eUnited was playing Units in the Winners Semifinals, and there was one person who was running the show. Simp loves to use his sniper rifle, and is the go-to guy when it comes to SnD.

When both teams headed to Arsenal Search and Destroy, this is where Simp truly turned heads. With his sniper rifle at hand and his secondary weapon pistol, he was more dangerous than anyone running with a saug. During the match, Simp was dominating Units, getting more kills than anyone on his team. He was on such a role that no one was able to stop him, not even in a 2v1 situation with the bomb planted from his side. Watch as Simp eliminates one Units player and uses his scorestreak to eliminate the other defusing the bomb:

To someone without a trained eye, they might look at that clip and think it’s “pretty good”. But to those who know how intense of a situation that is, and especially given that Simp had to defend, it’s something we’ve never seen before. Not only was Simp able to fight off an enemy close by to him, but he had the confidence to pull out a scorestreak on the last remaining player, on time, to save the round from the defuse. It’s an incredible play that only someone with a lot of confidence in their play could pull off. What’s incredible about this play is Simp’s intuition. He knew that he had enough time to pull out the scorestreak and eliminate the Units player who was defusing the bomb. Most players would think they wouldn’t have enough time, but Simp too the gamble, alongside with what he felt in his gut and went for it. This cannot be replicated, folks.

EUnited was in last gear, and Units had no chance of coming back. After that play, Simp continued his dominance, doing what he does best; sniping.

“That’s a definition of a glitch, that’s a phenom. A prodigy. That’s untouchable right there.”

Simp’s MVP performance at the CWL Championships is up there at the top if not, the best single performance by any Call of duty esports player in history. By the way, Simp is only 5 months in, and has a long career ahead of him. Congrats to Simp for back to back MVP titles.

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