BEAST MODE: Silly Gets Gunship in CWL Pro League Match

Team Envy Silly Gets Gunship in CWL Pro League Match Esports

It was a first for the CWL Pro League 2019 season. Silly from Team Envy did the unthinkable, and went into beast mode to get a gunship in the match against Team Envy.

Justin “Silly” Fargo

Justin Fargo, who goes by his gamer name “Silly” plays for Team Envy. He joined the team in September of last year moving from Evil Geniuses. Silly is a Call of Duty World League Champion who won the title playing for Evil Geniuses. He’s looking to replicate that success now with Team Envy, and by the looks of things he’s definitely not holding back in the CWL Pro League.

In the CoD Competitive community, Silly is a likable guy who’s easy going and isn’t one to produce controversy. He’s also around to make sure he can help the community where he sees fit, like the time he gave advice to a 15 year old who wanted to quit school to play Call of Duty competitively.


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Being a world class Call of Duty player,  he’s produced some highlight reels for Team Envy, and yesterday was one of those times. Silly went into beast mode playing against Enigma6 in Match 4.

Silly Gets Gunship in CWL Pro League Match

It was the last match of the day and it proved to be an exciting one.  Team Envy was playing Enigma, which both teams were looking to break through in their Division. Both teams were 1-3 with their record and hovering around the bottom of the leaderboards. Silly brought his guns blazing in match 4. The map was Frequency and the match was on Hardpoint.

It was early on in the match and Silly was on a role, getting killstreaks right away. At one point, Clint Evans (esports commentator) noticed that Silly was very close to achieving his Gunship. Clint Evans said, “Please, Please” in order for Silly to get the Gunship. For those who aren’t familiar with Call of Duty Killstreaks, the Gunship is the very last scorestreak to get in the game. Players need to build their points in order to unlock different scorestreaks in the game. In retrospect, to get the Gunship is a difficult task. Everything needs to be going your way, and you cannot die by any means, otherwise your points get erased and you need to start from scratch.

In a CWL Pro League match, Silly was able to get that Gunship which was the first for this season. Here’s the clip of him getting it.

Clip of Silly using the Gunship in the match against Enigma6

When Silly got the Gunship, it was all over for Enigma6 as it’s a punishable scorestreak that kills any enemies in plain view. Essentially, players who are on the end receiving the damage from the Gunship need to take cover inside buildings in order to avoid getting killed. It was quite a sight to see as no professional players aim to get Gunships in matches as it’s a difficult task to do against professional players. Nonetheless, Silly was able to do just that.

Clint Evans was incredibly excited to see the Gunship come out during the match. It’s something he doesn’t normally see at the CWL Pro League. You can even hear the excitement in Clint’s voice as Silly is just bringing the pain to Enigma6. Unfortunately, even with though Silly got the gunship, Team Envy conceded to Enigma6 and are now 1-4 in the leaderboards.

CWL Pro League Gunship Silly Team Envy in Match Enigma6 Esports

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