Scump Does Insane Clutch Against Gen.G [CWL]

Scump Does Insane Clutch Against Gen.G [CWL]

The CWL Anaheim event wrapped up a week ago. However, there were many highlights during the event, and one of them was an impressive Search and Destroy clutch by OpTic Scump.

OpTic Gaming

CWL Anaheim has wrapped up last week, with 100 Thieves as the tournament winners for the second time in a row. Although OpTic Gaming was one of the favorites leading up to the event, they fell short in the Loser’s Brackets Finals against Gen.G who had the upper hand on OpTic. But, despite OpTic bowing out of the tournament, they have produced a bunch of highlight reels, such as Tj Haly’s 360 Kill against Team Heretics early on in the esports tournament.

One impressive moment that fans saw was during the OpTic Gaming VS Gen.G match in the Loser’s Brackets Finals. At this point, Both teams had won 2 matches a piece and were in the 5th and final match of the series. Unfortunately for OpTic Gaming, it was Gen.G who prevailed to move to the CWL Anaheim finals, however, Scump pulled an incredible first-round win again Nagafen which we will take a look at.

Scump Does Insane Clutch Against Gen.G [CWL]

Gen.G and OpTic Gaming were battling it out to get to the Grand Finals of CWL Anaheim. Both teams had to face each other in the Loser’s Bracket Finals. At this point, both teams had two games apiece and were heading into the 5th and final match. The map was Frequency, and the game mode was Search and Destroy. As the round started, Gen.G were on the defensive while OpTic Gaming were planting the bomb.

OpTic had a quick plant at Bomb Site A, and after a few gun battles, it was a 3vs2 for OG. Nagafen and Envoy were left for Gen.G, who were stuck in a sticky situation as OpTic had the bomb covered pretty well. Envoy eventually went to go for the defuse as he pushed a few of OpTic members away. While going for the defuse, Nagafen was distracted by his emp which gave a hitmarker, making him think someone was coming around him. But that split second gave Scump an opportunity to eliminate Envoy, who was defusing the bomb. Then this happened.

Nagafen wasn’t able to shoot OpTic Scump in time, which Scump hid behind the bomb for cover. But it was Scump’s intelligent play that we should take notice here. Scump had a few hits on him and he had to rejuvenate his health. As Nagafen fired all of his bullets, Scump took notice and quickly shot a stun grenade which impacted Nagafen severely. Instead of getting up right away to kill him, Scump waited for a little to keep Nagafen guessing while he was stunned.

That’s when Scump stood up and slide to his right for the easy elimination. It’s a calm and collective move that many would have perhaps miscalculated given the situation since Nagafen switched to his pistol and was aiming right above the bomb (which he assumed Scump was going to stand). But Scump’s quick thinking helped secure a first-round win.

OpTic Scump Stuns Nagafen of Gen.G During CWL Major Tournament


Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to help propel OpTic Gaming into the finals, but it was definitely a moment worth noting. There will be many more CWL esports tournaments coming up, and OpTic Gaming fans can hope for a better outcome.

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