Play Call of Duty Modern Warfare With Dr Disrespect And Klay Thompson

Play Call of Duty Modern Warfare With Dr Disrespect And Klay Thompson
  • Rise and shine gamers. An opportunity has just popped up to play Call of Duty with Dr. DisRespect and Klay Thompson while donating for a good cause.
Dr Disrespect And Klay Thompson Team Up

Another day and another act of peace and kindness from the gaming and sports community is witnessed. This time it’s the infamous Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect, and three-time NBA champion Klay Thompson teaming up together do an act of kindness. The duo has made a deal with the fundraising platform Omaze to support non-profit organization taken over by Call of Duty, whose sole objective is to get war veterans re-established in the current job market and in other places of employment. This is a cause we can actually get behind actively by making donations, and there lies an incentive to do so.

Fans can get a chance to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Dr Disrespect and Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson. If you are lucky enough, you will be living a dream for sure.

The lucky winner from all the entries, along with a friend, will be provided a stay in a four-star hotel and flown to the location of Doc and Thompson. To put a cherry on the top, you just won’t be playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Dr. DisRespect, but the game will also be streamed live for thousands of viewers. The winners can also choose the mode they want to play along with Doc and Thompson.

Omaze said, “The mode?” “Your call. Because Modern Warfare now brings you even more options. All the traditional CoD modes are available, plus new ones like Gunfight (2v2), so you and Doc can team up against Klay and your friend (or the other way around).”

Dr Disrespect And Klay Thompson Team Up
Entering Criteria

“No donation or payment is necessary to enter or win this sweepstake.” is displayed the Omaze’s website. Basically, one can enter into this chance of playing for free without making a donation. But, donating increases the chances of your victory. A $25 donation will earn you 250 entries, while a generous $5,000 donation gives you 50,000 chances of winning.

Helping the needy

Donations will directly go to the Call of Duty’s nonprofit organization that, in the past, has helped over 63,000 veterans to get accommodated in a workplace.

“Every $522 that the Endowment receives helps place a veteran into a high-quality job,” according to Omaze.

“With unemployment and underemployment impacting hundreds of thousands of former service members each year, the Call of Duty Endowment is proud to have helped more than 63,000 veterans transition into meaningful careers.”

74 days remain to enter into this awesome offer. Go ahead submit your entries and donate as much as you’d like.

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