Paris Legion – Call Of Duty League Esports Team

Paris Legion - Call Of Duty League Esports Team
  • Paris Legion is one of the 12 teams participating in the Call of Duty League inaugural season. Here’s everything you need to know about the Paris Legion team.

Who Are The Paris Legion?

The Paris Legion are a Call of Duty esports team competing in the Call of Duty League. The team represents the city of Paris and is owned by c0ntact Gaming LLC.

Paris Legion And c0ntact Gaming, LLC

On Nov 2, 2019, Paris Legion would be introduced to the Call of Duty League (CDL) representing the city of Paris. The city of Paris was announced as one of the first 5 CDL teams to compete in the new league on May 2, 2019. COD_Paris announced its entire lineup on October 3rd. Unique to the rest of the league, the starting roster is not known yet. They were the last team to reveal their brand to the Call of Duty esports world.

“Super excited for the future of cod with the French fans are UNMATCHED! – Kismet, Paris Legion Player

The team showcased its logo via its social media channels on Nov 2, 2019 which accompanies a fleur-de-lis in orange and red:

Paris Legion Logo esports
Source: Call of Duty League

Paris Legion Roster

The new 5-man Paris Legion (PL) roster consists of professional Call of Duty players from the old Call of Duty World League:

  • Luke Rigas – LOUQA
  • Conrad Rymarek – SHOCKZ
  • Denholm Taylor – DENZ
  • Zach Denyer – ZED
  • Paul Breszynski – BRESZY
  • Matthew Tinsley – KISMET
  • Timothy Landis – PHANTOMZ

Paris Legion consists of players from Australia, US, England and France. The team consists of 7 players who will compete in the upcoming CDL season. Starting off are three players from Australia; Luke “Louqa” Rigas, Conrad “Shockz” Rymarek, and Denholm “Denz” Taylor. Louqa has been playing competitive Call of Duty since 2014 and has played on a variety of different teams including Mindfreak and Gen.G. Louqa was part of the successful Australian Call of Duty team “Mindfreak”. Mindfreak was one of the most successful teams last year that did not compete in the regular CWL season. The team would play at open pools at every major tournament and have captured 1st place in all but 3 competitions. Louqa was playing with Shockz while at Mindfreak, and Like Louqa, Shockz also had a great season with the team. Shockz was also a substitute for Red Reserve in the 2019 CWL season.

The two players already have a good start on the team as they know each other’s playing styles. Joining the two ex-Mindfreak players is Denz. Denz also played with Mindfreak, but a year before Louqa and Shockz. He was part of Team Reciprocity both as part of the starting line-up and also as a substitute. Denz brings great experience as he participated in most of the major tournaments n 2019. In addition to Denz is another player with some solid experience from the 2019 CWL season and that player is Paul “Breszy” Breszynski. Breszy played for Denial Esports, a team that struggled early on in the 2019 season. However, Breszy moved to Elevate, who entered the CWL league after it’s launch. The team did very well and was considered favorites in many tournaments. From there, Breszy moved to Enigma6 Group, who also did decent in the league. Joining the squad is Zach “Zed” Denyer, a well-seasoned Call of Duty esports player that has 3 years of experience in competitions. Zed was one of the top players when we played with Team Reciprocity and was named MVP of Week 1 for Stage 1 of the 2016 EU CWL. (source). Zed will bring solid experience to the group.

Paris Legion Roster Louqa Shockz Denz Kismet Phantomz Zed Breszy
Source: Call of Duty League

In addition to the PL roster is Matthew “Kismet” Tinsley and Timothy “Phantomz” Landis. Kismet was part of Enigma6 for a year and has participated in most majors in the 2019 CWL season. Enigma6 finished in an impressive 4th place at the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019. Phantomz had quite the experience last year playing with four different teams. He started off with FC Black and moved his way up to the starting roster for FaZe Clan. He then switched teams to Evil Geniuses and then UYU. His best placement last season 1st place at CWL Fort Worth playing for FC Black which is the academy team for FaZe Clan.

Paris Legion Events

Part of the new format for the Call of Duty League, each team will host two home games in their respected city. The PL will be hosting in the following weeks:

Week 4 – Hosted By Paris Legion – SAT, FEB 29 – SUN, MAR 1 | PARIS, FRANCE


  • Dallas Empire
  • Florida Mutineers
  • Minnesota Rokkr
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • New York Subliners
  • Seattle Surge
Week 13 – Hosted By Paris Legion – SAT, MAY 16 – SUN, MAY 17 | PARIS, FRANCE


  • Atlanta FaZe
  • London Royal Ravens
  • New York Subliners
  • OpTic Gaming LA
  • Toronto Ultra

To purchase tickets for any Paris Legion events, go here.

For more information and updates on the team, go here.

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